Mark the Date: CCP/Wuhan/CoVid Pandemic Ends

CDC tracks excess deaths associated with a range of causes: Over the past year, CDC included estimates of excess deaths due to the Wuhan pandemic likely originating from gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Insitute of Virology. Estimates of excess deaths can provide information about the burden of mortality potentially related to the COVID-19 pandemic,Continue reading “Mark the Date: CCP/Wuhan/CoVid Pandemic Ends”

Just Gets Funnier and Funnier

A tangible sign of Republicans’ discontent with the Biden administration’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged with a GOP-led effort to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci. As the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fauci has served as a White House adviser on COVID-19 under President Joe Biden as well asContinue reading “Just Gets Funnier and Funnier”

Well That Didn’t Take Long

Dr. Paul defined “gain of function research” as described by the The Foundation for Vaccine Research (FVR), a privately funded group that seeks to increase funding for vaccine research (Letter from the Foundation to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (PCSBI). Dr. Fauci parsed his response: “We do not send money toContinue reading “Well That Didn’t Take Long”

Where Fools Rule: Takin’ What They’re Givin’ ‘Cause I’m Workin’ for a Livin’

“Way back in the day,” as they say, I pulled a couple of Cold War deployments as a nuclear engineering officer aboard a nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser. There was also that submarine experience which was interesting, but the extended nuclear cruiser deployments were richer. My cruiser was USS Long Beach (CGN-65). We “rode shotgun” forContinue reading “Where Fools Rule: Takin’ What They’re Givin’ ‘Cause I’m Workin’ for a Livin’”

China Joe, Dr. Anthony “Gain-of-Function” Fauci, and Some Hard Geopolitical Realities

Look, we all get our Sock Puppet president – this guy who never worked for a living spent 50 years erecting government scams borrowing from kids to pay wealthy elders and taking care of the banks that finance his campaign. Even socialists know Joe was always “for rent” and would say anything for a paydayContinue reading “China Joe, Dr. Anthony “Gain-of-Function” Fauci, and Some Hard Geopolitical Realities”

Do You Really Want to Know My Pronouns?

Asking for your pronouns can trigger unexpected reactions like those of Leon Kowalski when asked about his mother amidst a Voight-Kampff Test. Asking for and being told your pronouns unprompted should trigger a Code Red alert in anyone’s amygdala – though Leon was a bit excessive, don’t you think? For a few months in aContinue reading “Do You Really Want to Know My Pronouns?”

Chernobyl – Nuclear Reaction Rates Up

The reactor accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima continue to demonstrate severe reactor accidents leave behind a toxic waste site requiring up to century to stabilize and remediate. Mathieu et al. (2018) describes the Fukushima accident payload associated with a so-called “early, high energy release”: “The main oceanic releases occurred between March and April. They wereContinue reading “Chernobyl – Nuclear Reaction Rates Up”

CoVid’s Origin: increasingly likely a Wuhan project funded by the US NIAID.

“Scientists are actually preoccupied with accomplishment. So they are focused on whether they can do something. They never stop to ask if they should do something.” Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park For those unfamiliar with the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BAS), they are a nonprofit organization focused on science and global security issues resulting from acceleratingContinue reading “CoVid’s Origin: increasingly likely a Wuhan project funded by the US NIAID.”

Wuhan/CCP/Covid-19 Military Lab Breach

The Wuhan Institute of Virology is the only Level 4 lab in the Red Ponzi. However, they performed their coronavirus research under Level 2 standards. Level 2 protection is what you see in a US dentist office. Why funny to consider, that was not a joke. THAT’s Level 2 WIV is known to have beenContinue reading “Wuhan/CCP/Covid-19 Military Lab Breach”

Solar Minimum Cooling Accelerates

Pretty much as predicted over the past 5 years, we are seeing lower troposphere temperatures turning south and solar activity declines. The plot above presents April 2021 data reported from AMSU-B radiometers aboard NOAA satellites. April 2021 dipped -0.05C below the 1991-2000 average. AMSU-A + AMSU-B have flown together on the 3 NOAA KLM satellites:Continue reading “Solar Minimum Cooling Accelerates”