Ukrainian Positions on Donetz Front Breached

In an address entering the weekend, Zelenskiy also said that the hundreds of thousands of people still in combat zones in the larger Donbas region needed to leave. “The more people leave Donetsk region now, the fewer people the Russian Army will have time to kill,” he said, adding that residents would be given compensation.Continue reading “Ukrainian Positions on Donetz Front Breached”

Jake Sullivan Gives Zelensky the Kiss of Death

“It’s not something to make light of because President Zelenskyy’s personal safety is something that that concerns us,” Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Advisor, said Friday during the Aspen Security Forum.  Russia needs Zelensky to sign a cease fire. Russia needs Zelensky alive. But the US does not need Zelensky anymore when theContinue reading “Jake Sullivan Gives Zelensky the Kiss of Death”

Weekly Pentagon Report

Before sharing , here are a few videos I thought might be interesting. First up, an Tornado-S hit on an AFU depot. The secondary explosions are extensive. Well targeted. I almost miss that Navy thing I did years back – nuclear engineering officer running a weapons-grade nuclear reactor plus the opportunity to play with someContinue reading “Weekly Pentagon Report”

I Haven’t Got Time for Your Pain

Steve Watson (Summit News): Biden Transport Secretary AGAIN Says “PAIN” Of High Gas Prices Is A Benefit Biden’s gaggle of energy and climate advisors all converge to push ‘acceleration’ of green ‘transition’ Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has again suggested that high gas prices are a good thing because it forces people to acceptContinue reading “I Haven’t Got Time for Your Pain”

GAZPROM Declares Force Majeure – Will Halt Gas Flows To Germany Indefinitely

As reported by Bloomberg, Russia’s Gazprom has declared force majeure on gas supplies to Europe to at least 3major customer, according to the letter from Gazprom dated July 14 and seen by Reuters on Monday. IEA warns Europe must cut gas consumption immediately.

Tom Luongo on Joe Biden’s Trainwreck

Tom: Over the weekend I was asked by Sputnik News to comment on why Fungal President Select Biden was so set on supporting Ukraine against Russia with money and weapons despite abysmal approval ratings and a fiscal budget hole that widens daily. Here’s a link to the article Sputnik published. They give me prettyContinue reading “Tom Luongo on Joe Biden’s Trainwreck”

Time Is on My Side/Время на моей стороне.

Larry Johnson’s page: Can you imagine Vladimir covering Mike’s performance? In Russian, it’s Время на моей стороне. OPERATION Z – DON’T INTERRUPT 17 July 2022 by HELMHOLTZ SMITH 3 Comments One of Napoleon’s observations is that you should never interrupt your enemies when they are making a mistake. Russians know this, not least because they were carefulContinue reading “Time Is on My Side/Время на моей стороне.”

Germany’s Largest Power Company, Uniper, Days to Default

German energy giant and distressed nat gas utility Uniper, which is among the companies most exposed to Russian natural gas, has started using gas it was storing for the winter after Russia cut deliveries to Europe, increasing pressure on Berlin as the German energy giant needs to be rescued “in a few days.” The country’sContinue reading “Germany’s Largest Power Company, Uniper, Days to Default”