USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) Operations This Week Near Nord Stream Site

Moon of Alabama: Whodunnit? – Facts Related to The Sabotage Attack On The Nord Stream Pipelines For decades the U.S. opposed European projects to receive energy from Russia. It wants Europe to buy more expensive U.S. oil and gas. the Lemniscat @theLemniscat – 15:56 UTC · Sep 27, 2022 US plan was always to stop EU buyingContinue reading “USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) Operations This Week Near Nord Stream Site”

US Declares War on Europe: Russian Gas Pipelines Destroyed

Remember: the US is the only country with the ability to dive to 4900 FT depth and conduct sabotage operations. This subsea technology employs the DSRV or the newer Pressurized Rescue Module (PRM) FALCON carrying SEAL/EOD teams riding to the site aboard a US fast attack nuclear submarine and diving down to the target. ButContinue reading “US Declares War on Europe: Russian Gas Pipelines Destroyed”

GBP Record Low on the Flash Crash

ust as last week ended, with a relentless meltup in the exponentially rising US dollar, coupled with a collapse in cable, the yen, yuan, euro and so on, not to mention stocks and bonds, so the new week begins only this time the moves are even faster, even more brutal and even more acute, asContinue reading “GBP Record Low on the Flash Crash”

Giorno del giudizio – Dio, Paese, Famiglia

Tom Luongo: It’s no secret at this point that the EU is an anti-democratic organization. The leadership isn’t elected, but selected from a pre-determined pool of candidates from within the Party structure. Everyone with the power to make a decision was placed there not by popular vote but by backroom collusion. As we approachContinue reading “Giorno del giudizio – Dio, Paese, Famiglia”

«Генерал Зима» на марше!

Severe Weather Europe: WHEN THE NORTH POLE STARTS COOLING  As we head into autumn, the polar regions start to receive less sunlight. With less solar energy, temperatures begin to drop and seasonal cooling begins over the north pole. But as the polar temperatures drop, the atmosphere further to the south is still relatively warmContinue reading “«Генерал Зима» на марше!”

В России не играют в покер. Россия играет в шахматы.

Larry Johnson: WILL EUROPE BREAK WITH THE UNITED STATES? 23 September 2022 by Larry Johnson  I received a great questions from a German reader who also happens to be a journalist. He asked, “What would be a way and what would be the practical implications if Europe in general and Germany in particular were to breakContinue reading “В России не играют в покер. Россия играет в шахматы.”

Snowden: America’s Open Wound

Snowden: “Better that right counsels be known to enemies than that the evil secrets of tyrants should be concealed from the citizens. They who can treat secretly of the affairs of a nation have it absolutely under their authority; and as they plot against the enemy in time of war, so do they againstContinue reading “Snowden: America’s Open Wound”

The Gloves Come Off

Meaning in History: Putin Lays The Groundwork For The War With NATO Mark Wauck That appears to be the meaning of the announcement of referenda in regions of the former Ukraine, as expanded by President Putin and MoD Shoigu early today. As we discussed yesterday, Russian Gamechanger, the referenda, by which at least four formerContinue reading “The Gloves Come Off”

The NATO-Russia War

Sputnik News: Shoigu: Russia at War With Collective West Rather Than Ukraine Both Russian president Vladimir Putin and Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu delivered speeches on Wednesday in the wake of announcements by the Donbass Republics as well as the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions that they are planning to hold votes on joining RussiaContinue reading “The NATO-Russia War”

Address by the President of the Russian Federation

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, The subject of this address is the situation in Donbass and the course of the special military operation to liberate it from the neo-Nazi regime, which seized power in Ukraine in 2014 as the result of an armed state coup. Today I am addressing you – all citizens of our country, people of different generations, ages and ethnicities, the people of our great Motherland, all who are united by the great historical Russia, soldiers, officers and volunteersContinue reading “Address by the President of the Russian Federation”