The Horror of Losing Federal Funding

Support Duffel Blog: Taliban calls emergency meeting after US, its largest donor, pulls funding You can sponsor the Taliban for only $5 per day. By Cat Astronaut AFGHANISTAN — Nonprofit organization the Taliban called an emergency Board of Directors meeting earlier this week after its largest donor the United States of America pulled allContinue reading “The Horror of Losing Federal Funding”

Will there be blood?

Simon Watkins explains some oil realities: The Real Reason Oil Prices Aren’t At $80 By Simon Watkins – Jul 21, 2021, 8:00 PM CDTTrade Oil Futures And Energy Stocks The UAE’s awarding last week of a slew of huge drilling contracts aimed at increasing its crude oil output capacity from around 4 million barrels per dayContinue reading “Will there be blood?”

”On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians“

Vladimir Putin, July 13, 2021 During the recent Direct Line, when I was asked about Russian-Ukrainian relations, I said that Russians and Ukrainians were one people – a single whole. These words were not driven by some short-term considerations or prompted by the current political context. It is what I have said on numerous occasions and what I firmly believe. I therefore feel it necessary to explain my position in detail and shareContinue reading “”On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians“”

Peak Powell?

Yesterday, Powell committed to his personal “full employment” plan by signing onto to the Sock Puppet’s Regime’s inflation program, locking in his renomination as Chairman of the monetary politburo (see Translation – no tapering anytime in the next 5 years. In lockstep with the Wizard of Oz’s decision, the NYFed executed a celebratory marketContinue reading “Peak Powell?”

“TED’s Dead, Baby. TED’s Dead”

The gospel according to Tim Knight: Just in case any of you with mortgages and other interest-bearing debt are worried about rates, I’d say this is not a situation that is going to change anytime in our natural lives. And, while we’re on the subject, here’s the IMF on the corrosive effect firm market power hasContinue reading ““TED’s Dead, Baby. TED’s Dead””

If it’s somethin’ weird an’ it don’t look good

If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhoodWho ya gonna call?(Ghostbusters!)If it’s somethin’ weird an’ it don’t look goodWho ya gonna call?(Ghostbusters!) With the “Federales” talking up more lockdowns, their Ministry of Truth expanding and formalizing their diktats to their all-too-enthusiastic oligarchical cronies, and the casino face-planting while inflation steps up, it makes you wonder: howContinue reading “If it’s somethin’ weird an’ it don’t look good”

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Tim Knight shares the setups: I said over the weekend that, “It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so energized about the stock market. Bit by bit, things are truly beginning to break down.” The 900 point drop on the Dow I am staring at right now helps explain why. This morning hasContinue reading “Don’t Fear the Reaper”