Address by the President of the Russian Federation

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, The subject of this address is the situation in Donbass and the course of the special military operation to liberate it from the neo-Nazi regime, which seized power in Ukraine in 2014 as the result of an armed state coup. Today I am addressing you – all citizens of our country, people of different generations, ages and ethnicities, the people of our great Motherland, all who are united by the great historical Russia, soldiers, officers and volunteersContinue reading “Address by the President of the Russian Federation”

The Great Patriotic War 2.0

On The Upcoming Putin Speech And Announcements Moscow has made a decision how to proceed in the proxy war with NATO in the Ukraine. We do not yet know what the decision is. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will hold a TV speech at 8 pm Moscow time (17:00 UTC) followed byContinue reading “The Great Patriotic War 2.0”

High Noon at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

First, what wasn’t said: Here’s what was said: President Xi’s speech lays out in detail the future of the SCO: Under these new conditions, the SCO, as an important constructive force in international and regional affairs, should keep itself well-positioned in the face of changing international dynamics, ride on the trend of the times, strengthen solidarityContinue reading “High Noon at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization”

There is No Recession – There is Only a Special Economic Operation

ZeroHedge: “This Is The Sharpest Turn In The Housing Market Since The 2008 Crash” As Mortgage Rates Soar Above 6% THURSDAY, SEP 15, 2022 – 11:40 AM And the hits just keep on coming for the US housing sector. Three months after hitting the highest level in 14 years, on Thursday mortgage rates hitContinue reading “There is No Recession – There is Only a Special Economic Operation”

Wars Are Not Won By Psyops.

Pepe Escobar: The Kharkov game-changer by Pepe Escobar, posted with the author’s permission and widely cross-posted Wars are not won by psyops. Ask Nazi Germany. Still, it’s been a howler to watch NATOstan media on Kharkov, gloating in unison about “the hammer blow that knocks out Putin”, “the Russians are in trouble”, and assortedContinue reading “Wars Are Not Won By Psyops.”

No Big Success – No Large Defeat

Moon of Alabama: The Kharkov Counterattack – No Big Success – No Large Defeat The ‘western’ media are euphoric about the ‘successful’ Ukrainian counterattack in Kharkov oblast. Ukrainian forces retake key villages as counteroffensive advances writes the Washington Post. How Ukraine Gained Momentum Against Russia and Took a Critical Hub says the New York Times. WaPo again: Intelligence points to potential turningContinue reading “No Big Success – No Large Defeat”

Operational Execution in the SMO

Lary Johnson: UNDERSTANDING PLANNING, ORDERS AND TROOP MOVEMENTS IN UKRAINE 10 September 2022  PATTON, the movie, was a masterpiece of entertainment. It is not historically accurate on many points and that is a problem with respect to Ukraine. What? I suspect some of you believe I have really crossed over to crazy land, but hearContinue reading “Operational Execution in the SMO”

Karkiv Front: Battle of the Bulge 2.0

Moon of Alabama: Tier 2 troops spread out along a quiet front. What could possibly go wrong? Recall how deep the cauldron opened. Recall the Wehrmacht had limited artillery, no air power, and committed their last reserves on the western front. And recall how the bulge collapsed within 6 weeks — the last majorContinue reading “Karkiv Front: Battle of the Bulge 2.0”

Next Up – the Biden Layoffs

When you print a lot of money to distribute to your cronies and backers, there is always a bill due. And the Fed can be the Grim Reeper. ZH: The “Scariest Paper Of 2022” Reveals The Terrifying Fate Of Biden’s Economy: Millions Are About To Lose Their Job For much of the past yearContinue reading “Next Up – the Biden Layoffs”