Say Hello to My Little Friend

I’ve seen more than a few rocket launches over the years (live and video). This hog is heavy. With that in mind, here’s Pepe Escobar to discuss “Mr. Sarmat”, the impending invasion of Ukraine by a US vassal state (Poland), and the rise of a gold/oil-backed Ruble: Empire of Lies Eager to Receive Mr.Continue reading “Say Hello to My Little Friend”

AMZN Wipeout

ZeroHedge: Amazon Crashes After Reporting Catastrophic Guidance, Worst Revenue Growth In Decade BY TYLER DURDEN THURSDAY, APR 28, 2022 – 04:19 PM With the bulk of the FAAMG stocks – which is now GAMMA following Facebook’s rebranding to Meta – having reported Q1 results (some great, like Facebook and MSFT, some terrible, like Facebook),Continue reading “AMZN Wipeout”

Frank Lee’s View of Ukraine’s Dirty Little Secrets

Ukraine’s story is part of the longer history of eastern Europe – pieces laying on the ground from Wilson’s hubris after the Great War. Several decades after Wilson and Versailles, two giants clashed again in World War II of which the US was a member of the cast supporting Stalin. In the middle were peopleContinue reading “Frank Lee’s View of Ukraine’s Dirty Little Secrets”

My Energy is Your Problem – The Birth of a New Europe

The Ukraine War is best seen as marking the transition from a Unipolar World to a Multipolar World. Obviously, DC elites are willing to defend the Unipolar World to the last Ukrainian (while maximizing profits to Raytheon et al.). But, the transition is inevitable as much as a trashed Ukraine because the current state isContinue reading “My Energy is Your Problem – The Birth of a New Europe”

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

On the night of April 24th or the morning of the 25th, Russian cruise missiles destroyed a total of six traction substations within the Ukrainian rail system, paralyzing electric train traffic (and thus, all rail traffic) in western Ukraine. No easy repair. Traction substations house transformers that take power from the grid and convert itContinue reading “Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind”

Russia’s Had Enough — Poland Cut Off

Bloomberg is citing the prominent Polish news portal to report Tuesday late afternoon (local time): “Russia has halted gas deliveries to Poland under the Yamal contract, website reports citing Polish government sources it didn’t name.” The report out of Polish national news indicates that formal government announcements are to be made later in the day, likely within hours…Continue reading “Russia’s Had Enough — Poland Cut Off”

Joke of the Day – No Joke

Marie Yovanovitch, the former US Ambassador to Ukraine, let slip during an interview that Trump would have prevented war in Ukraine via diplomacy, but then absurdly asserted that would have been a bad thing. Yovanovitch, who testified against Trump during his 2019 impeachment trial, made the remarks during an interview with PBS this past weekend.Continue reading “Joke of the Day – No Joke”