Ukrainian Defense Lines — What Happens When They Are Breached

Moon of Alabama: Emphasis in bold ********** Soledar has fallen to Russian troops. Bakhmut (Artymovsk) will follow soon. This constitutes the breach of Ukraine’s second defense line within the Donetzk and Lysichansk oblasts. I will discuss those lines with the maps below. The first map shows the range of land taken by Russian forcesContinue reading “Ukrainian Defense Lines — What Happens When They Are Breached”

Soledar Collapses — Sanctions Next?

Per On 10 January 2022, in the late afternoon, official media sources of the Russian Wagner PMC stated that the city of Soledar had been captured by Russian units. Soledar was one of the key points of defence of the AFU in the East of Ukraine. The city is home to Europe’s largestContinue reading “Soledar Collapses — Sanctions Next?”

Banks Underwater

Is JPM Solvent? If not, what about Citi? Is anyone solvent? An available-for-sale security (AFS) is a debt or equity security purchased with the intent of selling before it reaches maturity or holding it for a long period should it not have a maturity date. Accounting standards require companies classify any investments in debt or equityContinue reading “Banks Underwater”

System Dynamics of the Global Economy

How did we get here? Cheap inflation-killing consumer goods coming from China, and cheap inflation-killing Russian energy under competitive western production funded by credit and inflation export. What comes next? Here’s Alistair Crooke to sketch the dynamics: ********** While America’s cultural and economic ascendency is portrayed as an End of History ‘normal’, it represents an obvious anomaly TowardContinue reading “System Dynamics of the Global Economy”

Bye Bye 1991-2022

What follows is the latest from Pepe Escobar ************************************************************************************************************* 2023 starts with collective NATO in Absolutely Freak Out Mode as Russian Defense Minister Shoigu announces that Russian Navy frigate Admiral Gorshkov is now on tour – complete with a set of Mr. Zircon’s hypersonic business cards. The business tour will encompass the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean,Continue reading “Bye Bye 1991-2022”

The Bakhmut Encirclement

Mostly Polish and some Germans holding the line. Larry Johnson: WHAT IS UKRAINE HIDING IN THE BAKHMUT SALT MINES? 7 January 2023 by Larry Johnson  The prolonged battle for Bakhmut is portrayed in the press as a symbol of Russian weakness. I know that many Westerners have scratched their heads and wondered why such a fierceContinue reading “The Bakhmut Encirclement”

Elect a Clown, Expect a Clown – Jobs Edition

ZH: Inside The “Strong” Jobs Report: Full-Time Workers -1K; Part-Time Workers +679K BY TYLER DURDEN FRIDAY, JAN 06, 2023 – 11:20 AM Reading the mainstream media’s reaction to today’s payrolls report, one would be left with the impression that it was generally on the goldilocks side and indicative of a possible soft-landing – considerContinue reading “Elect a Clown, Expect a Clown – Jobs Edition”

The Battle of Washington

Meaning in History: Now, as readers will know, I believe Tom Luongo is on to something very deep with his Theory of Everything—which is, briefly, that the Fed is engaged in a war with the ruling globalist elite of the collective West—”Davos”—fronted by the World Economic Forum. It’s not a question of whether theContinue reading “The Battle of Washington”