Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Results

A scientist working in a lab

“When data from the various dosing regimens were combined, the study found that the vaccine was 70% effective at preventing symptomatic coronavirus infections. The standard regimen — two doses of the same strength administered a month apart — had an efficacy of 62%, whereas the regimen with a lower initial dose yielded an efficacy of 90%.

“Overall, it remains unclear how much the over-55 age group will benefit from even the standard dose of the vaccine: only 12% of those in the group evaluated for vaccine efficacy were over 55.

“Oxford and AstraZeneca have agreed to provide the vaccine to buyers for US$2–3 per dose. And the vaccine is made of DNA encoding a coronavirus protein that is shuttled into cells in a harmless virus, a product that will be cheaper and easier to make in bulk than the RNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, says Griffin. It also does not need to be stored at temperatures as low as the RNA vaccines, one of which must be kept at −70 ºC until shortly before it is administered.”

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