Deer in the Headlights

Biden's vice presidential pick won't matter during the 2020 campaign -  Business Insider

“Most Americans think there was wholesale fraud in the election. Almost all of Trump’s voters think the election was stolen. How can The Pretender rule when close to half the people think he’s illegitimate? If he gets the Epstein treatment and Willy Brown’s concubine is installed, how can the political class keep pretending America is a democracy? That seems unlikely.

“Given all the problems the ruling class of the American Empire created in 2020, it is natural to assume 2021 must be better. The thing is, the bumbling fools who created this mess are still in charge, The odds of them working through these problems without creating more trouble are very low. It is entirely possible that a year from now, people will look fondly back on 2020 as an age of relative calm.”

Indeed. Z-Man nails it.

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