Triumph of Liberty

MN Gordon on EconomicPrism (

“In this context, those counting on government stimulus or relief payments to keep shoes on their feet and food in their bellies are going to be lacking.  Indeed, many already are.  But as disappointment has slipped to disenchantment something remarkable has happened.  The populace has made ever greater demands for the government to do something.

“In the midst of this, America’s fake news media recites the story of the national struggle with delicate and excruciating regularity.  They frame all happenings from the locus of the two party political system.  Any diverging views are carefully sifted out.  What’s reported is only what the story script editors allow to pass through their single micron particulate filters.

“We are told a never ending Marxian tale of the evil rich exploiting the noble poor.  We’re offered story after story with arduous focus applied to gradations of skin color, fractions of ethnicities, and the virtues of non-binary gender designations.  Political correctness condescends any exceptions with forceful rigor.  Step out of line and you’re brutally cancelled.

“Even worse, we’re told the individual must submit to the greater good of the collective.  That what’s yours is theirs.  Those who object are cast as selfish lowlifes.  Thus, we must hunker down so that we may bend the curve.

“On top of that, the goal of hard work and paying one’s way in life has been reduced to a game for suckers.  Stealth taxation through currency debasement has turned workers into chumps.  Small business owners who believe in doing things themselves have been made out for fools.

“But what’s the alternative?  Being crippled by dependency like everyone else?

“By this, we firmly stand amongst suckers, chumps, and fools.  Because suckers, chumps, and fools stand for freedom and independence.  They want no part of endless government.  They downright refuse it.

“Moreover, in the face of today’s assaults on liberty, suckers, chumps, and fools have come to embody the human spirit.  And the human spirit, as we understand it, will triumph or die trying.  Here’s what we mean…”

Read on about the case of Henry Worseley:


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