Blatant Electoral Manipulation and Ruthless Information Censorship

Orange Revolution

Ukraine where oligarchs buy off US Democrat political princes? Or the US where oligarchs buy off Democrat political princes?

Hard to tell the difference.

Stephen Karganovic doesn’t see much difference:

In the short-term, after January 20th, the complete gutting of the Second Amendment will undoubtedly be their emergency reflex response; but whether that will be sufficient to restore obedience remains to be seen.

But more fundamentally, beyond mere discontent, and in spite of the greatest coordinated news blackout ever seen, the unhappy masses, some intuitively and some empirically, through the still unrepressed alternative sources, have now grasped the shocking magnitude of the fraud played on them. One of the basic props of the engineered consent upon which public order and social stability have rested for decades, the naïve belief in the democratic essence of the system, was foolishly overturned on November 3rd, and it was done precisely by those who should have been the most interested in keeping it intact. The schism that shattered faith will engender is bound to have incalculable consequences.

But the sacrilegious mob incursion into the hallowed precincts of the Congress definitely was not one of those consequences, the carefully contrived appearances notwithstanding. It was a classical false flag operation, an American adaptation of the standard color revolution playbook that previously had been successfully applied elsewhere in numerous regime change situations.

False flag? Incompetent security? Provocateurs? Simply a bunch of rowdies who did no more damage than a college frat party?

But for the trigger-happy Capitol police who gunned-down an Air Force vet.

Or all of the above?

We’ve seen the videos run in a continuous loop with some protesters jostling with Capitol Police. Reminiscent of Don Cherry’s “Rock ’em, Sock ’em Hockey” reels in a continous loop at Halftime Pizza across from the Garden before a Boston Bruins game.

Then there are the photos our “out of control” demonstrators politely remaining within the rope after being admitted by the Capitol Police – snapping pictures and selfies with the cops.

Coup de Pelosi

Read and decide for yourself:

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