Trump’s Gone and Suddenly CoVid Data Improves – Hilarious!!!

The case against high-cycle PCR tests as a pandemic metric has long been known in the scientific community – except among those on the Leftscreaming “The Science!” while implementing crushing election year economic lockdowns.

And so on the very day The Party installs their selected president, we have WHO taking belated action to address the long-standing false positive issue in PCR testing.

Even The New York Times was aware of the PCR/”asymptomatic” problem as far back as August 2020 when they published an article stating that as many as 90% of COVID-19 tests in three states were not indicative of active illness. The high-cycle PCR tests were picking up viral debris incapable of causing infection or being transmitted.

Here’s Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge on the incipient “miraculous” end to the China econo-bio war strike of 2020:

If the percentage found by the Times in August holds, there have been approximately 2.43 million actual cases to date, not 24.3 million.

There is also no way to calculate the deaths from COVID-19 rather than deaths with some dead viral debris in the nostrils.

As for the flu:

As an aside, this also clearly explains the disappearance of the “flu” during this season as the plethora of high Ct PCR Tests supposedly pointing to a surge in COVID are nothing of the sort.

As they say, “timing is everything.”


Cohen, A. N., Kessel, B., & Milgroom, M. G. (2020). Diagnosing COVID-19 infection: the danger of over-reliance on positive test results (p. 2020.04.26.20080911). doi:10.1101/2020.04.26.20080911

Surkova, E., Nikolayevskyy, V., & Drobniewski, F. (2020). False-positive COVID-19 results: hidden problems and costs. The Lancet. Respiratory Medicine8(12), 1167–1168.

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