4th Anniversary of Democrat Inauguration Riots

Witnesses describe destruction during Inauguration Day riots | WTOP

Four years ago, the violent Democrat assault on Washington was met by force.

The Democrat assaults were joined by an FBI assault on the then-newly elected president and the persecution of his staff.

Today, the violent and corrupt Democrat assault of 4 years ago is joined by tech oligarchs. This time, the target isn’t an elected president.

This time, the target American liberty.

Christopher Bedford in The Federalist:

The decision by the most powerful companies in history to conspire against social media competitor Parler — without even an attempt to provide evidence of wrongdoing — was a step beyond any previously taken. By denying the No. 1-downloaded app in the country access to Amazon Web Services, the host it had built its existence on, the rulers of Silicon Valley destroyed the upstart.

In addition, with companies like online credit-card processor Stripe joining in, the ability of other “unacceptable” businesses and causes to so much as accept payments and donations is now on notice.

This isn’t surface level: This is the guts of capitalism, and it’s just begun. Credit card companies, banks — they’re moving into the innards of our freedoms and it will impact your business, newspaper, and yes, eventually even your church group if you believe the wrong Christian tenet.

In a free society, if you see an opportunity or don’t like what’s already out there, you can try to make your own. You can accept payments for services, turn a profit, hire, expand. These are both fundamental aspects of the American dream. In the span of one week they were shattered, not by government, but by private and unelected businessmen.

It’s a moment in Big Business’s campaign unlike any before: It’s the sacking of the American Dream. 


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