The Life Cycle of a Swamp Creature

From American Thinker:

It doesn’t take Nostradamus or Carnac to figure out how the next two years will play out for Wyoming’s lone Congressional representative Liz Cheney. It simply takes a little observation of — and interaction with — the Swamp.  As an outside the beltway sometimes political operative and consultant, I’ve had the unhappiness of working with swamp creatures off and on since the 90s.

Liz’s future is easier for me to predict than yesterday’s weather. The broad strokes are a fait accompli.  I’ve seen it many times.  And while it may seem at first glance that her political career is at a dead end, it is far from it.  Liz will be rich very soon, if she is not already.  And she will do as much damage to the Trump/MAGA/Republican brand as she can in the process. This is how the swamp works. And she appears to be swampier than her father, and much more so than the smartest of the clan, her mother Lynne Cheney.

Now keep in mind, the lone House seat from Wyoming is a powerful seat in that it is one of the very few House seats that is more powerful in a way than the Senators from her state. Wyoming has two Senators, but only one member of Congress.  On a national level, she singularly represents more Wyoming residents than anyone.

And she will run again, knowing that she stands almost no chance in the primary. But she will have money, and she will get more money from the left, and she will use it to scorched earth destroy all those running against her in the primary.  Left wing groups from the outside will plant false flag candidates to dilute her competition, and they will claim falsely to be the Trump choice. Count on it. They will take extreme positions publicly and muddy the waters for the legit candidate carrying the MAGA banner. You heard it here first.

The RNC, of course, will join the actions of the left in trashing her primary opponent or opponents.

She knows, and her swampy left-wing donors will know, that while she will most likely lose, they will attempt to salt the fields for whoever the primary winner is. The primary winner will emerge broke, beaten down, and have a mountain of unflattering lies out in the media, social media and ether to overcome on General Election Day. The Democrat opponent will be handpicked by the DNC specifically to attract Hollywood, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley money. That kind of money will own the media airwaves in an inexpensive media state like Wyoming.

Meanwhile, the RNC will give zero help to that candidate in the General Election; that’s how the swamp rolls.

Now, regardless of whether this scenario can flip Cheney’s current House Seat blue or not, Liz will be rewarded for her efforts by different branches of Swamp, Inc.  First, you can count on a huge lobbying contracts right out of the gate. Maybe several. Seven figures, easy.

And there is no telling what kind of awful legislation she will help engineer in that job. The take for the evil people and evil causes will probably be in the billions. That’s why she’s going to be paid millions.

And in addition to that, the only other question is whether she will end up as a regular paid contributor on MSNBC or CNN. Her job on whichever network hires her, will be the role as “the good Republican.”  You know the type: the David Brooks, Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin Republican – the kind of Republican who hates all real conservatives and legitimate Republicans. This gig will require a few hours per month, and probably pay mid-six figures.

She’ll never return to Wyoming, a state with which she’s barely familiar with to begin with. That is unless she’s a weekend guest at her parents’ place or at one of the Davos-connected left wing billionaire’s Jackson Hole enclave from time to time.

You probably know that the career path I’ve laid out for Cheney is correct, in the broad strokes. The details are yet to be determined of course, but we’ve seen this kind of thing play out many times.

This plays out in the consultant class as well. One quick example that I personally intersected with is Rick Tyler.  Rick was formerly Newt Gingrich’s Chief of Staff when Newt was Speaker of The House. When Newt ran for president starting in 2011, Rick was on his staff. The Newt campaign got off to a dismal start, polling dead last in a field that included Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and even Jon Huntsman. Tyler left the campaign.

Newt, unencumbered by Tyler’s advice, changed strategies and skyrocketed in the polls on the strength of his debate performances. Tyler, meanwhile, landed with a Newt Super PAC funded heavily by Sheldon Adelson called Winning Our Future. Through other channels, I was the coms guy for that PAC, and like most Super PACs, we only met on conference calls from our locations across the country. Adelson’s money paid us all well, and things were going great as Newt routed the field, including Romney, in South Carolina.

My advice was to keep this going, and my press releases stayed on this message. Newt’s campaign was directed only at Obama, and his leftist cohorts in Congress, the media, and judiciary. When Newt is good, he is very, very good. That’s the Georgia Newt.

But there is also the Washington Newt, the “bad” Newt, and that’s the Newt that resonates with Tyler and his ilk. Tyler decided to use Adelson’s cash to purchase the film “The King of Bain,” a lefty trope about Romney’s time at Bain Capital. So, with Newt riding high by bashing Obama, with a rhetorical skill that Romney and Santorum et al could only fantasize about having, Tyler decided to go left of Mitt Romney.  Tyler and I were at each other’s throat on the conference call where he announced this change in strategy. We usually were.

The rest is history. Newt bombed, Mitt won the nomination, and we know how that turned out in 2012 and we know how it’s still biting on our collective rear ends today.

And Tyler? He’s one of the “good Republicans” on MSNBC. He’s now full-fledged Washingtonian. I don’t know where he’s from. It doesn’t matter, just as Wyoming no longer matters to Liz Cheney.  This is how Swamp, Inc. rolls. Whether it’s headquarters in DC, or a branch in NYC or San Francisco or a state capitol, failing up like this is how all leftist Democrats, and the “good Republicans,” get rich.

Meanwhile, those of us rubes out in flyover country, we get bent over. And you know I’m right.

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