When Bagmen for Corrupt Politicians Become National Security Threats — and Too Much Trouble for Connected People

The alleged incident would mean Hunter lost a total of three computers, each likely to hold sensitive information on President Joe Biden

There is no free press in the US – only corporate media. We see that in all fascist states where “public-private” partnerships extend to every sector of society, especially media.

And so, with few exceptions, if you want a reliable mass media source, you need to include The Daily Mail.

Here’s the Daily Mail reporting that Hunter Biden, Bagman for the Biden Famiglia, actually lost 3 laptops – and that said Bagman thought he got rolled by Russian security services.

The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!’ Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops

  • Hunter Biden claims Russian drug dealers stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was drugged out in a Vegas hotel room in 2018
  • Video obtained by DailyMail.com shows Hunter with a naked hooker in 2019 after filming a sex tape and explaining how he believed his laptop was stolen 
  • Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Las Vegas bender in which he spent ’18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite’
  • The incident would mean Hunter lost a total of three computers, each likely to hold sensitive information on President Joe Biden 
  • The laptops contain embarrassing pictures, videos and communications of the president’s son  
  • ‘They have videos of me doing this,’ he said, referring to the filmed sex he just finished. ‘They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex f***ing, you know’
  • Hunter’s claims also raise the possibility that he was targeted as a vulnerable conduit to Joe Biden as part of a foreign intelligence operation


We should not be too hard on Bagman Hunter – China, Russia, and our allies were reading Hillary Clinton’s emails for 8 years during the Obama Administration. And, per WikiLeaks, Hillary’s campaign was successfully penetrated by China, Russia, Ukraine, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc., etc., etc.

The Clinton Famiglia knew how to take care of troublemakers. Some leakers, such as Mark Rich who reportedly was the source of Wikileak intercepts, just find themselves dead.

Of course, “just a coincidence.”

“No doubt” that gunshot wound to the back was “self-inflicted”.

In Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas,” Henry Hill describes how his partner, Jimmy Burke, cleans up loose ends from the Lufthansa heist by whacking team members who got sloppy.

In this scene, “Stacks” (played by Samuel Jackson) gets whacked for leaving the get-away truck where the cops could find it – and they did.

At some point – maybe not soon – but at some point, you can easily see where Bagman Hunter can get a knock on the door.

Just a matter of time.

Sloppy Bagmen have a short life.

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