Donbass Pocket Closes

Tactical Picture

The Russian Army appears to be employing an encirclement strategy intended to isolate and degrade Ukrainian brigades in major cities – rather than incurring the casualties (military and civilian) from direct assault on urban areas.

This move eliminates the bulk of the Ukrainian Army but for ~2 brigades in metro Kiev and scattered National Guard units to the west of the Dnieper.

As it is, the suppression of the helicopter transport and destuction of Ukrainian tactical air units effectively eliminated the Ukrainian Army’s capacity to maneuver a week ago.

Note that as the Donbass Pocket closes in the east, Russian forces are now back on the move to complete the encirclement of Kiev.

Next up is Odessa — likely an amphibious assault on both sides of the city within the next few days supported by armored cavalry support coming in from the northeast.

In other news, Zelensky is now saying he is not seeking entry into NATO.

Dual Use BioLabs

Also, Reuters reports on Level-3 biolabs (Wuhan-Level) in Ukraine:

As reported by Reuters:

“Russia demanded on Wednesday that the United States explain to the world why it had supported what Moscow cast as a military biological program in Ukraine involving deadly pathogens including plague and anthrax.

“Foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova demanded transparency from Washington over the allegation, which is denied by Kyiv and which a Pentagon spokesman has described as absurd.

“She said evidence of the alleged programme had been uncovered by Russia during what it calls its ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine, which its forces invaded on Feb. 24.

“‘We can already conclude that in Ukrainian biological laboratories in direct proximity to the territory of our country, development of components of biological weapons was being carried out,’ she said.

“Zakharova said Russia had documents showing that the Ukrainian health ministry had ordered the destruction of samples of plague, cholera, anthrax and other pathogens after Feb. 24.

“It was not possible to independently confirm the authenticity of any such documents.”

Hilariously, the National Pulse reports Obama has his fingerprints on these labs – seriously.

Here’s the story – you decide:

Ukrainian Attack Plans?

The Russian Ministry of Defense is sharing Ukrainian documents describing a planned attack on Donbass in March 2022.

Those documents would be consistent with the concentration of the Ukrainian Army in the East.

Read them and decide for yourself:

The document is addressed to the heads of the northern Kiev, southern Odessa and western territorial departments of the National Guard of Ukraine.

▪️ The order, brought to the command of the National Guard of Ukraine, explains the plan for preparing one of the shock groups for offensive operations in the so-called “Joint Forces Operation” zone in Donbass. The document approves the organizational structure of the battalion-tactical group of the 4th operational brigade of the National Guard, the organization of its comprehensive support and reassignment to the 80th separate air assault brigade of Ukraine.

▪️ Since 2016, this formation of the air assault troops of Ukraine has been trained by American and British instructors under the “NATO standard” training programs in Lvov.

▪️ In accordance with the order, the Deputy Commander of the National Guard was tasked with organizing joint combat training of the battalion-tactical group of the National Guard as part of the 80th separate air assault brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine from February 7 to February 28, 2022.

▪️All events of joint combat training of the nationalists are ordered to be completed by February 28 in order to further ensure the fulfillment of combat missions as part of the Ukrainian “Joint Forces Operation” in Donbass.

▪️The document contains the original signatures of the officials of the command of the National Guard of Ukraine responsible for the tasks.

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