Battle of Donbass

Russian forces are beginning to move south out of Izium.

These forces are driving into the rear of the Ukrainian forces frozen in the Caludron to the east.

One thrust appears down the M-03 towards Sloyna and on to the key crossroads in Sloviansk.

Larry Johnson posted the following video from Popasnaya. Note the tanks are in the open, fixed position, engaging Ukrainian units without artillery counterbattery fire or helicopter gunship response. Given the trajectory, this appears to be firing on fixed infantry positions.

In other words, a last stand.

In addition to the M-03 thrust, a second armored move is to the southwest – likely for flank security – towards Barvinkove.

Watch the south front. The 60th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade seems positioned to drive up into Kostiantynivka, closing the pincer.

Meanwhile, Russian air units are picking up the tempo to hold the Ukrainians in place. With resupplies essentially cut off, food, ammo and fuel must be dwindling.

A rough calculation suggests the pincers will complete their closure within 3-7 days.

As for the nearly wiped out Ukrainian Air Force, here we see another go down. This is an SU-25 unsuccessful trying to evade an incoming Russian missile.

The infrared imagery begins with the Su-25 picking up an incoming missle on its tail and firing hot flares as decoys. The missile ignores the decoys and tracks true to the target. Near the end, the Su-25 dives for the deck as the missile closes on the engine exhaust.

The jet was shot down on 15th of April by Russian Air Defense units.

To the west, Russian aerospace forces are interdicting resupply with missile strikes into Lvov on Ukraine’s western border with Poland

In the video below, we see 3 high-precision missile strikes at the 124th Joint Logistics Support Center of the Logistics Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Lviv.

The logistics center and the large consignments of foreign weapons that were delivered to Ukraine over the past 6 days from the United States and European countries were destroyed.

Finally on the southern coast of Ukraine:

  • Mariupol is under the control of Russia, only a small element of the AZOV battalion is holed up in the Avostol steel plant with their backs to the sea.
  • The Russians have secured Berdyansk, which is 60 miles west of Mariupol.
  • There are explosions in Kherson, which is 220 miles west of Berdyansk.
  • The night sky over Nikolaev (aka Mykolaiv) is on fire with a barrage of airborne explosives. From Nikolaev it is only 80 miles to Odesa.

At present, Russia is controlling the southern coast of Ukraine with a combination of naval and ground forces. Once Odesa falls (and it will fall), Russia will have completely cut off Ukraine from its southern ports. (There is no commercial activity now because it is a war zone.)

For the lucky ones, here is how it ended in Mariupol – cut off, out of food, out of ammo.

This guy was a Marine with the 501st Marine Brigade – not an Azov psychopath.

Scenes of coming attractions in the next few weeks from Donbass.

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