I Love Big Sister

In this clip, Tucker Carlson on Fox News introduces us to Big Sister.

Wait for the karaoke. I’m not kidding. It’s well worth the wait.

Progressives have long used Orwell’s “1984” as a “how-to manual.”

Thanks to the Biden Regime, we now have a Ministry of Truth with a Georgetown wokester heading it up as Big Sister. Quite the buffoon I might add.

One positive for the Biden Regime – the jokes we get from these lunatics are starting to write themselves.

But I will concede one thing – this is the first glimpse of honesty out of these fascists.

We always knew they had jackboots in their closests, just waiting for the day to pull them on and stomp on the” untermenschen.”

Nietzsche not your thing?

Ok, in modern parlance, goobers, MAGAs, christians, libertarians [“present’], whatever, etc.

Progressives long hid their fascism and simply order woke corporations to suppress free speech and discriminate for them.

Which the wokesters gleefully did.

If you work in a Fortune 100, you know EXACTLY what I’m saying.

Now, they are being honest – and their fascism is right out in the open.

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