“What’s Next”: Former Russian President Warns West’s “Self-Harming” Sanctions Mean “Collapse Of US-Centric World”

In case you think Russia han’t completely thought this all through, here’s Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia and a member of Putin’s inner circle: https://t.me/s/medvedev_telegram

Russian children play chess, and study advanced mathematics, multiple languages and classical music.

American children play with Instagram and TikTok, and struggle with arithmetic.


What will happen next, or the World after anti-Russian sanctions (not a forecast at all)

  1. A number of global supply chains of goods will collapse, a major logistical crisis is possible, including the collapse of the activities of foreign airlines that are prohibited from flying over Russian territory.
  2. The energy crisis will intensify in those states that have imposed “shooting themselves in the foot” sanctions on the supply of Russian energy carriers, further growth in fossil fuel prices will continue, and the development of the digital economy in the world will slow down.
  3. A full-fledged international food crisis will come with the prospect of starvation in individual states.
  4. A monetary and financial crisis is possible in some countries or communities of countries, associated with the undermining of the stability of a number of national currencies, galloping inflation and the destruction of the legal system for protecting private property.
  5. New regional military conflicts will arise in those places where the situation has not been peacefully resolved for many years or the significant interests of major international players are ignored.
  6. Terrorists are becoming more active, believing that the attention of Western authorities today is diverted to a showdown with Russia.
  7. New epidemics will begin, caused by the rejection of honest international cooperation in the sanitary and epidemiological sphere or by direct facts of the use of biological weapons.
  8. There will be a decline in the activities of international institutions that have not been able to prove their effectiveness in the course of settling the situation in Ukraine, such as, for example, the Council of Europe.
  9. New international alliances of countries based on pragmatic rather than ideological Anglo-Saxon criteria will be formed.
  10. As a result, a new security architecture will be created, in which de facto, and then de jure, the existing realities are recognized: a) the weakness of Westernized concepts of international relations such as “Order based on rules” and other senseless Western junk; b) the collapse of the idea of ​​an American-centric world; c) the presence of interests respected by the world community in those countries that are in an acute stage of conflict with the Western world.


Russia’s leaders see the future and act in their national interests.

Our leaders can’t even keep baby formula in stock after shutting down the largest production plant 5 months ago.

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