Azrael’s Inoculation against a Hardened Heart

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Azrael’s Inoculation against a Hardened Heart

Can the origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic be found within one of the most ancient Biblical stories?

“And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are; and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and there shall no plague be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.” -Hebrews, 11:28

From the co-author of the first peer-reviewed paper examining a laboratory origin for SARS-CoV-2, as well as its addendum, which formally linked the H1N1 Spanish Flu pandemic strain release of 1977 to gain-of-function research.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic rages outside all of our doors, and the billionaires puppeteering most of the world’s most powerful governments and the entire legacy media act like they can still somehow contain what they’ve unintentionally unleashed in their attempt to become gods, perhaps it’s a reasonable time to take a little stroll back through history.

Because while some scientists are busy signing letters and looking to cover what Jesus rode into Bethlehem on, meanwhile someone else’s grandmother is choking to death on her spit – and that never would have happened if these “scientists” had been transparent about what they’d helped unleash on the world in the first place – maybe like all the way back in January 2020 when the cover-up first began?

Since in many ways the millions of bodies piling up and tens of millions more waiting to join them are simply fodder for one of humanity’s oldest follies: Acting like the accumulation of wealth and titles are somehow a display of wisdom. It wasn’t true in Ancient Egypt, and it’s even less true in our modern world.

In America, this illusion began to encompass our national identity after Nixon closed the gold window and the American dollar transitioned into a fiat currency – ready to be printed into infinity and beyond.

And in the wake of this watershed financial shift, over the coming decades Wall Street would become deregulated to the point where it’s now ready to teeter over into oblivion once again. All the while, in the background giant corporations have been shedding their regulations and cannibalizing each other for decades – efforts which only trickle-down as worse pay and substandard working conditions for the average employee. Slowly but surely, as the rich got even more insanely richer, the disparity in CEO pay rose from 20-1 in 1965 to somewhere around 300-1 for much of the past generation.

Somewhere along the way, an era began where someone being able to game America’s financial regulatory system and ruthlessly cut-down their competition became mistaken for genius, or wisdom, or heroic. Or anything other than wealthy, educated, far-more-dangerous sociopathy. Because there is nothing the least bit heroic about the way men like Bill Gates and Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos built their wealth – when your riches are built on the suffering of others, they will turn to ashes in your mouth. 

Sometimes it just takes a little bit.

After all, the Lord works in mysterious ways – and sometimes, the tenth plague is the charm.       

The Biblical saga of the Israelites’ exodus from Egyptian bondage is both the story of the beginning of the Jewish faith, as well as recorded history’s first instance of a persecuted minority successfully not only escaping oppression – but crushing it in the process.

Since contrary to the modern stereotypes, the Jewish people actually got their start not by controlling Hollywood or just out-lawyering everyone else – but by defying the greatest Empire the world had ever seen, and drowning it in Yahweh’s will.

Culminating in the Passover feast and their early-morning exodus from the Lands of Goshen, the story of the Ten Plagues of Egypt tells the fantastical tale of blood-tides and horizons darkened by locusts, of staffs that turn into snakes – well, water-dragons to be exact, but we’ll get back to that – and finally its most enduring etymological legacy: The Angel of Death.

After all, that’s what the ritual feast of Passover is referring to, the final night before their journey into darkness, when the Israelites huddled in their homes, bright red faith drying along each of their mantles so that the Lord’s avenging angels might pass over their homes and spare their first-born sons from the fate that they would visit upon the Egyptians.

And spare the Lord did, as following this last night of bondage – staring at the stone walls they’d see for the last time before heading out into the wilderness – the protection provided by the ritual of the Passover feast, the Pesach, would hold fast against Azrael and the other angels of death who descended to slaughter Egypt’s first-born sons. And so this feast commemorating the passing over of the Angel Death, the Pesach, has become the central tradition of the Jewish faith.

Even among traditional Christians, Episcopalians and others also hold Passover feasts that follow as many of the exact protocols as they possibly can. For Christians the story is extended by the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the lamb sacrificed for all of our sins so that humanity might again get another crack at freedom, and be cleansed of our sins. So the story of Exodus and the birth of the Israelite nation is instantly recognizable to almost everyone who’s ever heard stories be told, whether you celebrate its implications or not.

And it’s been such an enduring story that around the end of the 20th century, as red-tides began to occur in pockets of the industrialized world, that modern scientists put their heads together and realized that there may be far more fact than fiction to this story than anyone appreciated.

As the theory muses, the Ten Plagues of Egypt might well be dramatically recounting a cyclic environmental catastrophe: A red-tide kicked off by an eruption or sandstorm to blacken the sky, killing off all the fish and forcing the frogs to flee and die – kicking over the first domino of ecological decline. As without their predators the insect population explodes, leading to boils on livestock and loved-ones alike, and then a monsoon that created the conditions for grasshoppers to metamorphize into locusts – the predictable and inevitable result of grasshopper overpopulation.

Since it took scientists a good long while, but they’ve finally figured out the alchemy which transforms everyday grasshoppers into ravenous plagues of locusts – simply tickling their hind legs too much, to mimic their neighbors continually nudging them.

When this stimulation hits a certain threshold, it sends the signal that the grasshopper is surrounded by too many of its relatives, a signal that propagates across the entire crowded swarm. This signal starts an epigenetic cascade inside these crowded grasshoppers, and after methylation flips its genomic switches, what was once a group of largely solitary grasshoppers can become a swarm of ravenous locusts in literally just a matter of hours.

Curiously the main messenger of this metamorphosis seems to be serotonin, which has effects on humans which aren’t all that terribly different.

However after these swarming locusts and some accompanying meteorological miracles, the scientific explanations around the Ten Plagues of Egypt seems to pull up a bit short once it’s time for Azrael to appear. Perhaps its inherently holy nature of the Passover Pesach, Judaism’s most sacred night of ritual, or perhaps it’s wariness around tangling with the Angel of Death himself, since Azrael and his hosts seem to have a bit of propensity to hold a grudge throughout the Old Testament.

So although some have mused lightly about first-born sons getting extra rations of food tainted by moldy toxins leading to their death, for the most part the rituals of the final night of oppression for the Israelites has remained an empirical enigma. But there are certainly hints.

Perhaps the best place to start is a physical description of Azrael, who in the Bible isn’t depicted as an angel in any sort of popular model. Actually to be fair Azrael isn’t described in the Bible at all, however in the Quran we are told that this is not an angel we should think about in any sort of personified sense.

Since the Old Testament and the Quran tell many of the same stories, in the centuries since each of their births it’s become fairly common practice to swap major figures between each eschatological text. And so the Angel of Death of the Quran appears as nothing even remotely resembling humanity, but instead is described as cosmic in size – there Azrael is a massive multiplicity of thousands and thousands of wings all fluttering and flittering, supporting his mercurial jumble of eyes and tongues arrayed over his four faces, with every soul alive being represented by what he says and sees, numbered by Azrael’s miasmatic eyes and tongues.

And so it is this swarming mass of cosmic death who in Islamic tradition stands astride the bridge between Heaven and Hell, which Azrael guards as he waits for humanity to call out for him again.

Bad news for us, is that we never seem to realize when we’ve been doing it until he’s already knocking on our doors.

There are myriad rules and traditions that regulate the Passover ritual, however Pesach is most literally a feast, one which is regulated by dietary restrictions during it, and fasting around it. It’s only at the finale of the night of ritual does the most symbolic moment arrive, when the blood of a young and healthy lamb is spread across every Israelite doorframe, marking it so that Azrael will know to pass by, sparing the first-born sons inside.

However this can’t be done with just any implement, on Pesach the blood of the lamb must be spread with hyssop, a bitter minty little shrub that doesn’t appear all that special at first, although it’s been traditionally used for medicinal folk remedies for millennia. 

Turns out, this likely wasn’t a coincidence. 

As hyssop has additional Biblical applications after Passover, of cleansing leprosy and cleansing the dead’s taint, as well as being used to deliver Jesus’s crucifixion wine into his mouth. And then, a little bit before the turn of the 20th century, scientists discovered that it’s actually a very potent antiviral: Containing acids, tannins, as well as a third mysterious compound with a unique molecular weight which also distinctly inhibits HIV’s activity.  

This immediately invokes the widely explored belief that Kosher laws were largely public health concerns, a theory that’s only been derided by academics without any practical experience in actually implementing public health policy. Because of course Kosher laws are not perfect pinpoint rules that all make complete and entire sense to the modern world as public health regulations, however in broad strokes the separation of possible bacterial growth media and the avoidance of trichinosis from swine – among countless other parallels – all make perfect sense as public health policy. 

But the potent antiviral nature of the hyssop shrub alone doesn’t an immunological miracle make, and so the rest of the ritual is going to have to fit within some kind of medically-related protocol if this theory in fact has any wings. 

And it turns out that historically speaking, there is only one other phenomenon that fits the wanton, sudden, unrestricted slaughter of healthy young men en masse, especially during a very specific set and setting. So when Azrael manifests as a quasispecies mutant swarm, there is only one way to be spared from being called to accompany him into the afterlife. 

Modern Judaism has preserved an enormous number of dietary rules and restrictions over the eons, however there is only one instance when a discrete segment of the population is instructed to fast, and not the entire community as a whole. 

Every year the day before Pesach, the Fast of the Firstborn is observed by those Jewish children who would’ve been targeted by Azrael if the Passover rituals hadn’t been properly observed. And although fasting has an enormous number of physiological impacts and possible immune benefits, its single most direct consequence is an empty stomach. 

The importance of what exactly is being eaten is also echoed by Passover’s other main culinary feature in addition to the evening feast: Following this sedar, once their exodus out of Egypt begins, the Israelites are strictly instructed only to eat bread that hasn’t been colonized by yeast, and so without the gas they provide remains unleavened. 

Eating this flat matzo bread is commanded for the entire first week of the journey, and its preparation is so strictly regulated against any yeast contamination and subsequent rising, that only 18 minutes is allowed between mixing and baking, and holes are ritualistically poked in it to prevent any yeast-friendly pockets from forming.

In a spiritual sense, spending a week consuming only this dry unleavened matzo in modern times is meant to invoke humility and memories of past bondage, however in a practical sense unleavened bread certainly would’ve kept better during the long initial scramble out of oppression. Thing is though, matzo bread isn’t meant to be consumed on an empty stomach, but instead comes after the finale of one sacred night: the feast of the Pesach. 

This is no celebratory feast however, and its rules and regulations don’t appear to mesh with any other element of the Jewish tradition or current public health practice. Passover occurs in synchrony with the seasons, and so it wouldn’t have taken the Egyptian’s mastery of animal husbandry to ensure that lambs were available for the ritual, since lambs have always been predictably born in the springtime, after the long dark winter.

And although it’s not emphasized as playing a role in the Biblical tale, this is also the time of year when sheep are regularly shorn. They spend winter growing their coats, and then are shorn in the spring before it gets hot enough to attract flies. Which, of course, also play an important role in the story of the Ten Plagues.  

So it’s unlikely to be a coincidence that the lamb intended for the Pesach is chosen four days prior to the feast, and inspected for any outward sign of disease, and then cooked with bitter herbs across a fire that billows against the lamb’s blood smeared around your mantle. 

Blood that was sacrificed so that we might live, blood that saves the children of Israel and gives birth to a nation after she passes across it. Since once you put all of the pieces together, it becomes apparent that Passover and its accompanying rituals and traditions are recorded history’s first instructions for inoculation against Azrael’s wrath – the quasispecies mutant swarms which emerge in overcrowded exploitative industrial farms and factories. 

Since although the Egyptians weren’t industrialized in the modern mechanized sense, their Empire functioned on the same type of society-wide systemic oppression – Exodus is very directly the story of an escape from slavery and suffering run by a massive coordinated bureaucracy. And the leader of the incipient Israeli nation, a lisping orphan found floating in a basket, first carries out Yahweh’s will by slaying an ornery slave-driver. 

The Torah doesn’t actually say that the slaughtered Egyptian was forcing the Hebrew slave he was tormenting to do something like pee in a bottle in the middle of his shift or defecate in his work-truck, however the inescapable reality is that those are the exact sort of conditions that Azrael seems to have a bit of a problem with. 

Drawing any sort of parallel between a fable that nominally occurred many millennia ago is never going to lead a direct-one-to-one translation into modern times, however it really doesn’t take much interpretation to understand Passover as a warning against oppression, the description of how Yahweh will sort things out if His will is ignored for too long, and guidance to your next destination. 

The general concept of inoculation, using a weakened version of a disease-causing agent to prime the body’s immune response against it, doesn’t formally show up in recorded history until at least a millennium after the events depicted in the Book of Exodus, with some Chinese sources claiming that inoculation was practiced against smallpox as far back as 200BC

However there’s no description of systemic societal inoculation until about 1000AD, but whether it’s one or two-thousand years earlier than any other record – the idea that the Passover Pesach may in fact have been humankind’s first live-attenuated vaccination protocol would take it a step even beyond simple direct-contact inoculation, and move it into the realm of becoming an orally-administered live-attenuated vaccine (LAV).     

A strategy that humanity thinks it didn’t master until the middle of the 20th century, when Army Major Dr. Albert Sabin perfected his LAV for polio, to complement the existing vaccine which used a completely inactivated strain. The inactivated vaccine was effective, but not enough for military purposes, and so Sabin’s LAV went on to nearly eradicate polio from the globe.

Nearly, but not all the way. And in just the past few years the cases of poliomyelitis, polio’s terrible paralytic curse, have begun to emerge from vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV) across parts of the underdeveloped world. And by 2019, there were far more cases of paralysis due to VDPV than actual wild polio, with the rate of VDPV growth exploding by over 500% year-over-year.   

For inoculation against smallpox, all that’s required is exposure to some cowpox pus – an infection similar enough to train the human immune system to be prepared to fight off smallpox – a sharp stick, and a sick animal is all you need. However the practice of vaccination with an orally-administered live-attenuated virus is a far more complex process, as witnessed by the traditions around Pesach. 

And speaking of sticks, turns out that Moses’ water-dragon staff may well still be with modern medicine today.

Since smallpox’s zoonotic origins are still unknown, one of its ancestors may well have been Azrael’s chariot the first time around, something Moses might have observed as a shepard: The quasispecies phenomenon of highly-pathogenic strains of virus emerging from animals packed into especially crowded conditions, strains which are able to jump from their original host species and into a new one.

Oftentimes humans are the new host, since our industrial animal husbandry is generally responsible for other species’ unnatural population densities in the first place. These industrial settings lead to the emergence of highly-pathogenic species-jumping strains since there’s too much crowding without enough ventilation, which results in too many transmission events and eventually the signal to become highly-pathogenic. Not so different than grasshoppers mutating into locusts, and witnessed constantly on modern poultry farms by the highly-pathogenic avian influenzas that are constantly jumping into human farmworkers.

And although contact inoculation has worked against some historical versions of smallpox, the virus has a distinctly nebulous genome, so the administration of a full LAV may have been necessary, especially if the virus achieved a highly-pathogenic state, as they often do in commercial settings.

The restriction against risen bread, effectively against yeast, is probably the least sexy but most important element of this possible LAV, if for no other reason than it extends for several weeks and requires a massive transition in food-preparation. Tellingly, our immune systems are highly reactive to many forms of yeast, to the extent that they’ve been considered as vehicles for vaccines. However it turns out that although our immune cells are tuned to target and latch onto yeasts, attempting to use them to convey vaccines only results in a ten-fold reduction in vaccine efficacy.    

So if the plan was to apply a LAV as effectively as possible without access to modern medical technology, cutting out yeast entirely after its application makes a tremendous amount of sense, especially considering the Fast of the Firstborn. Firstborn Israelite children needed additional protection, since they too would’ve been working among the flocks with the firstborn Egyptians and exposed to all the pathogens hosted by the sheep and rodents inevitably attracted to the food and warmth of the barns.

And although the blood across Hebrew mantles has come to signify protection and safety from the Angel of Death, that’s not the only place the magic happens. And so the Fast of the Firstborn the day before Passover helped provide additional short-term protection by increasing short-term immune-cell responsiveness as well as allowing for white-blood cells to return to our bone marrow, where they’re able to regenerate and supercharge themselves, and wait for the next infection.

Since death isn’t actually going to descend form the heavens, but instead will always begin to emerge wherever humanity has decided to interfere a bit too much with the laws of Nature.

Whenever large populations of complex animals – humans, cows, pigs, poultry, rodents, or otherwise – are crowded together in commercial settings which limit airflow and circulation, RNA viruses begin to strengthen and emerge, eventually leading to infections and death if they aren’t controlled. This phenomenon, of quasispecies swarming behavior, doesn’t follow the same roughly linear model of modern disease theory which expects strains to move from one place to another in a somewhat predictable and controlled fashion. 

Instead, quasispecies swarm theory sees hosts becoming infected not in a binary sense of being symptomatic or not, or pinging a PCR or not, but instead takes into account the nebulous and mercurial nature of RNA viruses. The next time a scientist tries to convey the sense that you’re an idiot for questioning their eternal and sage wisdom, ask them to explain what happened to the seasonal flu in 2020?

The seasonal flu never actually goes away, it just goes into hiding when there aren’t enough transmission events due to environmental conditions – demonstrated by this recent study that concluded nearly half of all symptomatic influenza infections are caused by asymptomatic transmission, meaning the virus has no trouble at all spreading from people who don’t even know they’re infected.

Because quasispecies theory simply and elegantly explains that the same thing happened to the seasonal flu as happens to mono – the kissing disease – after someone’s infected. Some 90% of adults in the modern world are infected with the EBV virus that causes mono, however many never know it at all, and others carry the virus dormantly for years before they have an outbreak of sores. 

However, whether or not you’re expressing cold sores, once you’re infected with the EBV virus you become at risk of expressing cold sores at some future point – just like the seasonal flu. In case this all seems very speculative and circumstantial, keep in mind that after scientists actually took the time to randomly screen wild, domestic, and research animals for viruses, they found nearly 1,000 hidden viral infections. And many of these novel viruses appeared to closely mimic human pathogens, with many individual hosts containing as many as five novel viruses.

So although many of the scientists who spent 2020 telling you how a laboratory engineered virus is a conspiracy theory might roll your eyes at this concept, luckily there are people who can actually think for themselves who have been publishing peer reviewed work explaining exactly why this virus looks engineered since August 2020, and attempting to get ahead of the impending tsunami that’s building due to public policy being shaped directly by Big Pharma.  

The same quasispecies reality which causes the seasonal flu to go mostly dormant until the wintertime, is the same one that caused it to disappear almost entirely for 2020, and which causes STDs like mono to flare up after transmission events increase. Because RNA viruses don’t exist as discrete strains or organisms like parasites and other infections agents, instead they exist as a swarm within and around their hosts:

Just like one gas acting as an accelerant for another’s combustion can be modeled mathematically by looking at their relative binding tendencies to different elements and how they react at different concentrations, the mathematical inevitability of quasispecies mutant swarms fully exploring their mutational spectrum and finding variants to fuel their spread isn’t any different. It’s only the language that varies, as the literature currently describes the positive selection quasispecies mutant variants resulting in “hitchhiking” between mutations on variants in the same swarm, the exact same concept as different variants and their mutations acting as accelerates for each other during gaseous chemical combustion.

And although this swarm only really exists within a host in the case of STDs which need organ-hiding and fluid-swapping to transmit, and often only become virulent if the host is being especially promiscuous or interacting with someone already infected with a robust swarm, in the case of airborne RNA viruses these swarms also exist in swarms that surround their hosts so long as they’re still breathing. 

The simple fact that there was any sort of debate over whether or not SARS-CoV-2 is in fact airborne, should tell you all you need to know about the state of modern virology. China instantaneously locked-down hundreds of millions of its citizens and this virus spread not only across the entirety of humanity, but also created a second pandemic in a different species – among populations of farmed mink across multiple continents in just a matter of months.

You don’t need a microscope to realize that only an airborne virus could possible spread that fast and that prolifically among not one but two different species, nor do you need a fancy degree to realize that if superspreader events are easily categorizable by having a lot of people in an enclosed space respiring aggressively – obviously this is an airborne virus. In fact there’s a strong argument that SARS-CoV-2 is the most prolific airborne virus in human history, and it can be cultured literally out of thin air, unlike even tuberculosis and measles – two of the most contagious airborne pathogens ever previously studied.

And not just spreading through singing or coughing or yelling, there’s been peer-reviewed work around since at least July 2020 that explains in detail that COVID-19 can spread through simply everyday tidal breathing. Although a host with a typical viral load may not shed a lot of virus, if you’re in a room next to someone singing or yelling together for several hours – it doesn’t take much. 

So as Pigpen has been trying to warn humanity for decades, each of us carries around the quasispecies swarm of whatever airborne viruses we host whether we notice it or not. Pretty much no one reading this would be diagnosed with influenza right now, but take enough healthy readers and stick them in a closed environment for a long enough time – and the swarm always wins. 

This was demonstrated most clearly on an Antarctic research base after seventeen weeks of complete isolation. This mysterious outbreak struck half of the dozen men isolated at the bottom of the world, and strangely scientists were never able to isolate and identify the causative agent:

“Found no diagnostic rises in antibody titre against influenza viruses A and B, mumps, adenovirus, herpes simplex and ornithosis. All attempts at virus isolation from throat, nose and faeces swabs were unsuccessful.”

However this phenomenon is simply the other end of the spectrum from the disappearance of the seasonal flu in 2020: RNA viruses have the ability to lie dormant in their hosts until a threshold of transmission events are reached following interactions with swarms from other hosts, at which point they can strengthen and create symptomatic infections. And since every human adult alive has been exposed to the common cold, stick a dozen guys in a closed environment for long enough, and even that swarm will grow and strengthen. 

This is a simple and consistent explanation for everything from the disappearance of the seasonal flu in 2020 to the above haunting Antarctic infection, and also explains historical mysteries like the English Sweat as well as the origins and fate of the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, and pretty much everything about RNA virus behavior in between. Quasispecies mutant swarm theory, which views these infections not as stable linear strains that jump from person to person, but as swarms of infectious virions which shift and move based on the surrounding environment.

Azrael did not target the first-born Egyptian sons by mistake, and eons later the young men most exposed to crowded industrial environments who would again be targeted – in the case of the English Sweat and the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic it was due to military activity, for the Egyptians it was proto-industrial farming that put their first-born sons is Azrael’s sights.  

And the swarms these angels of death use aren’t composed of any one strain, quasispecies mutant swarms depend on blends of complimentary strains working together as they attempt to infiltrate different cell and tissue types. So whether its thousands of people crowded together in a closed arena, dozens of people singing in a church, or just a handful of researchers marooned in the Antarctic: Given enough time, closed environments will always result in the strengthening of the swarm. 

After all, Azrael is very specifically described not as a solitary wrath, but instead the Tenth Plague of Egypt appears as a massive miasmatic mass of speaking and seeing, simultaneously accounting for each and every soul on Earth. As humanity’s numbers have risen through the billions, so has Azrael’s visage and body, awaiting his moment of descent. 

In Ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh was literally a god down from heaven: His word was law, and his will directed the course of an entire civilization. Now that humanity has diversified a bit and managed to organize ourselves into societies that are orders-of-magnitude more complex and interconnected, there no longer seems to be a place for any one man to become a god-king on Earth. 

However there is something close, since after Citizens United decided that corporations were in fact people as far as hundreds of millions of dollars of annual campaign donations were disguised as “free speech,” starting in 2010 every American corporation gained the ability to donate infinite amounts of money to as many political campaigns as they wanted. 

And donate they did, several billions worth that would cause Congress to reshape the legal medical landscape to the point that over the next decade American healthcare costs would continue to balloon so much that insulin is marked up thousands of percent, and medical insurance costs have exploded to the point where fully two-thirds of bankruptcies in America are related to medical expenses.

But not only has Big Pharma grown into a financial leviathan which regularly swallows up hopes, dreams, and livelihoods, it was also responsible – along with the help of medical doctors all across the entire country happily writing carbon-copy prescriptions to help pay their mortgages – for the Opioid Epidemic. Arguably an extension of the patently insane and openly exploitative War on Drugs, the Opioid Epidemic ripped through the American heartland in the years leading up to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and has only accelerated since. 

In many American cities including San Francisco, more died of overdose deaths than SARS-CoV-2. Drug abuse does not emerge as a result of damaged individual souls, it emerges just like violent crime does – as an inevitable outcome of communities that are in crisis and in pain. Targeting individual people for drug offenses makes about as much sense as only treating one host who emerges from a superspreading event. 

More literally than we’d like to think, we are now very much all in this together.  

So if you’re wondering why this current Presidential Administration seems to be much more interested in vaccine sales than the preservation of human life – that’s because our government is currently owned and operated by Big Pharma. The mainstream media might want you to be impressed by folks with fancy pedigrees and a bunch of letters after their names signing a letter, but the reality is that all of them have been actively engaged in suppressing the work of a father-son team responsible for highlighting how obviously engineered this virus has been since January 2020, and the dangers that entailed. 

They don’t care if you know the truth or not, they just want you to think they all still deserve the trust and accolades that our society heaps on accomplished scientists, and the reverence and money they get in return. The time for that ended with the Opioid Epidemic, the entire American medical community showed itself to be exactly what it was during that, and just because the push for universal vaccination seems more pervasive and accepted – doesn’t make it any less Evil.  

Why blindly trust a community that was more than happy to profit off of the Opioid Epidemic, and then accept no accountability whatsoever for the suffering they sowed?

So despite the fact we’re both American citizens previously cleared for security clearances, and neither of us have ever accepted a shiny nickel from Big Pharma, foreign governments, or hedge funds – Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know the Truth we’ve been warning about exists, and has out in the open for over a year

Irish Times

Airborne RNA viruses have never once been contained on commercial poultry farms, even with full-genome vaccines and full surveillance of each and every bird – highly-pathogenic strains continually emerge so long as there are enough transmission events.

Commercial buildings without proper ventilation create superspreading events by definition once enough live hosts are present and breathing, not just spreading among the population but also blowing entirely through the temporary protection provided by vaccines. And since it’s not the children of the wealthy and privileged who get packed into factories and warehouses for grinding 12-hour shifts – history knows that there’s only one fate that awaits a country that treats Big Pharma and its representatives like Pharaohs, allowing them to force the downtrodden and unfortunate into wage-slavery. 

Instead of stripped nemes draped across their heads they have slicked-back $500 haircuts, and instead of heavenly authority they act as if the letters after their names mean they should somehow have authority over you. They shouldn’t, and they don’t.

So long as Americans are being forced back into warehouses and factories just to be able to ensure their loved-ones survive and they aren’t forced to watch them slowly waste away, Azrael will be with us. 

In Ancient Egypt, Azrael was able to coalesce within Egyptian houses and drain the life out of the first-born after exposure to herds of thousands and thousands of sheep, stuck together in shelters during the winter months, experiencing the exact architectural and behavioral framework of increased transmission in a crowded commercial setting that leads to the emergence of the seasonal influenza every winter, and its puzzling disappearance when the dynamics markedly changed in 2020.  

And so every spring, the sheep would’ve been gathered together for the labor-intensive shearing and breeding by the most active able-bodied young men in society. Certainly the hardest parts of the labor would’ve been done by the Hebrew slaves, however the nature of airborne viruses means that everyone present – including the supervisors – would’ve been exposed to whatever quasispecies swarms emerged from the flock and its rodent squatters, and likely many Egyptian first-born would’ve been working alongside the Israelites. 

This annual cycle of rebirth and death was only broken by Moses and the Israelites, who knew how to make sure they were protected against the quasispecies swarming Angel of Death – with the immunological protection imbued by the Passover feast, since the Pesach describes an orally-administered LAV protocol, symbolized and explained by strokes of bloody hyssop. 

The significance of this blood wouldn’t be hinted at until 1880 when Louis Pasteur accidentally left some samples out in the elements during a vacation, and came back to find they worked in that weakened form as a vaccine against that pathogen. In the same way, smearing the blood of a visibly healthy animal whose immune system has handled whatever winter swarms emerge within its flock and rodent hobos, after first burning and consuming its flesh, would help assure that you got an oral dose of whatever viruses the lamb was hosting – possibly some already vectored out of the rodents, such as monkeypox, which actually uses rodents as a reservoir.

However not only is blood smeared and left to dry, but as the lamb is cooked with bitter herbs – many of which have antiviral properties especially against respiratory viruses – the smoke from the fire would’ve been billowing across it, subjecting any viruses within to the traces of antiviral compounds in the smoke. And keep in mind this blood already would’ve had a branch of hyssop soaking in it, starting the attenuation early as the ceremonies got started. 

And in addition to being used as cooking fuel, these bitter herbs are also consumed as an appetizer to start the night off. Although the Old Testament doesn’t name a specific plant, the bitter herbs composing the maror as part of the Passover meal were thought to include chicorysweet clovermilkthistle, a wild carrot, and lettuce – all of which contain potent antiviral compounds.

After their delicious inoculation of bitter maror herbs and roasted lamb, the Israelites would’ve inevitably brushed against the attenuated blood on their doorframes, leading to their eventual exposure to the attenuated viruses within as they touched their eyes or mouth with the blood containing the attenuated strains within, introducing the weakened virus to their bloodstreams and immune systems. And without yeast around, these attenuated viruses would’ve combined with those present in the burnt meat also consumed, and allowed for the inoculation against any viruses attempting to form full-blown quasispecies swarms within the population. 

And so on their last night in bondage, the Israelites were protected from the Tenth Plague of Egypt and all the angels of death – the quasispecies mutant swarm that emerged from cramped commercial farming conditions in Ancient Egypt, just as they do in a Des Moines meatpacking plant or a Baltimore Amazon warehouse. 

However America’s new Pharaohs have decided that you will either drink from their vaccines, or be shunned from society – excluded and left to starve and die. 

Luckily for us, human societies can only be pushed so far. There’s a certain point where it becomes obvious to absolutely everyone that the Pharaohs are not only stark naked, but the only clothes they’re wearing are made from a fiat currency that’s already on its way to being useless. And so at a certain point, once enough grandmothers have been drowned in their own spit and enough children buried, the coercive power a government has over a society will shatter, and all trust in any sort of central authority will be abandoned. 

And when that happens, there’s only one fate that waits for our modern Pharaohs, since after profiting from the exploitation and predation of others, there is always a price to pay. Sometimes you pay it, and sometimes your bloodline does later – but Azrael is waiting, and he will arrive on the desperate backs of broken souls who have nothing left to lose, and all your pride and arrogance and hubris will slip from your grasp as your spine is pulled out of your throat.

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