Putin Puts Erdogan in Charge of Europe

There was a time when Europe dealt with Russia through Germany.

Those were glory days – cheap gas, friendly relations. Everyone cashing in.

Then the US came along and kicked over the table.

And blew up Nord Stream. Our German vassals cower in the corner.

While southern Europe and the Balkans continue to receive gas from Turk Stream.

As Russia turns east and south, Putin appears to have signed up Erdogan with the Europe franchise.

Here’s Mark Wauk and The Duran explaining how this all works: https://meaninginhistory.substack.com/p/putin-has-put-erdogan-in-charge-of

Putin Has Put Erdogan In Charge Of Europe

What follows is a summary of a dialogue that occurred at The Duran. What this represents is a discussion of ever more consequences flowing from the Neocon/Globalist war on Russia. In decades past, the US and Europe were in an alliance, looking out for each other. The Neocons in the US have allied with Davos to put paid to all that. The US has ripped the mask off and European countries are now vassal states under the heel of a now predatory hegemon. Bridges to most of the world are being burned—to Russia, China, the Saudis and much of the Middle East, perhaps to India—and the Europeans are told they have to be on board with that. Now it turns out that the US Neocons have set up the EU to be jerked around by Erdogan’s Turkey. Genius, genius, genius.

What brings these considerations to the fore are the revelations—or non-revelations—concerning the Nordstream pipelines.

Germany says it now knows who sabotaged their Nordstream pipelines. But the German government isn’t saying–not to the world, not to the German people. Why not? The ostensible reason is that it’s a matter of “national security”–so naturally the German people can’t be told? The real reason is obvious.

If it had been Russia that committed the sabotage, the Germans or someone else in NATO would tell us so. No, the Germans now have no doubts. They know that the pipeline sabotage was done by a “friend”, and “ally”. While the UK, Poland, Denmark (the Danes have long helped the US spy on Germany), Sweden may all have been complicit, I don’t rationally see how this could have happened without US permission and support–both political and probably technical. The Germans know that, too, and are keeping their mouths (mostly) shut–the fact that they say they know but aren’t saying points the finger of blame decisively away from Russia. That was common sense from the get go.

Obviously Russia is not going to build any more pipelines to Northern Europe–and remember, the Nordstream pipelines were a German concept. It was the Germans who persuaded Putin to go along with the project. Instead, Russia will be working full speed ahead on pipelines to China, possibly to India and other locations in South and East Asia (Japan has not broken off energy cooperation with Russia). All, or most, of this will be financed in rubles and Chinese RMBs–not dollars. The status of the USD as world reserve currency will not be the same. It will remain important, but not to the same extent. The reported plan of the Saudis to join BRICS will be another blow to the USD.

But most importantly, there will be a massive expansion of the Turkstream pipeline, as discussed by Putin and Erdogan in two recent meetings. Turkey, with Russian cooperation, will become a major gas hub, mixing gas from Russia with gas from Azerbaijan and throughout the Persian Gulf region, passing it on at a much bigger markup price.

So, the EU has “blown up” its energy relationship with Russia. They won’t be getting gas directly from Russia any more–they’ll be dealing with middlemen, and the primary middleman will be Erdogan. [Laughing with sh*t eating grin] “Now, if you think that’s a good deal for the EU, if you think Erdogan is a more reliable partner when it comes to these kinds of things, then you have a surprise coming.” All prospects of getting cheap LNG from the US are disappearing by the day. American LNG is selling to the EU at 4x the price it sells for in the US.

A reminder from yesterday of just how dicey things are getting for the EU:

China Halts Resales Of Russian LNG To European Buyers

A month and a half ago, we made a startling discoveryChina was aggressively reselling LNG imports from Russia, the country’s fourth-largest supplier of LNG so far in 2022 having surpassed both Indonesia and the US, to Europe and thanks to the continent’s unprecedented desperation for gas, it was charging pretty much whatever markup it wanted.

But maybe not any more.

According to BloombergChinese state-owned energy giants have been recently told by authorities to stop reselling liquefied natural gas cargoes (certainly those from Russia) to gas-starved Europe, in what could be a blow to the European hopes of continuous high inflows of LNG as the winter approaches.   

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country’s top planning body, told the country’s state-held LNG importers including Sinopec, PetroChina, and CNOOC, that they should stop reselling LNG cargoes and keep them to ensure Chinese gas supply this winter, Oilprice reported citing Bloomberg sources.

Someone didn’t think this whole war on Russia concept through very well. How do the Neocons undo this? Resigning from positions of power and influence would be a first step, but don’t start holding your breath yet.

Europe will be getting gas from Russia again–barring more sanctions shenanigans and so forth–but it will be coming through Turkey. Meanwhile, an enthusiastic Erdogan–who doesn’t like Europeans to begin with–will be sitting on the gas tap to Europe. He’s already sitting on the migrant tap to Europe–multiple levers with which to manipulate the EU. Turkey will be running the EU.

A big question is whether the German public will realize that their “friends” and “allies” are nothing of the sort. The rest of the EU, the rest of NATO, those are the countries that have put Germany in this position, by sabotaging critical infrastructure–critical to German national security and sovereignty. Obviously such countries are not friends of Germany, don’t trust Germany, and don’t have German interests at heart. They don’t like Germany and are prepared to act against Germany.

I fully understand why surrounding countries would feel that way towards Germany. German history with those countries can’t be undone. The Dutch, Belgians, Danes, Norwegians—what did they ever do to Germany? Nevertheless, Germany remains German, and it’s up to Germans now to figure out where their interests lie. Will the German public realize that their government is siding with these unfriendly foreign powers against the interests of the German people and business community? How can this dynamic continue? There are implications for the future. How can the German government credibly deal with the rest of the world, which will know that Germany isn’t a sovereign nation speaking for its own interests? Will the German people and business community not get tired of this–sooner rather than later?

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