Jonestown – EU Edition

Confronted by the Biden Regime’s NATO-Proxy War on Russia, the EU has turned into a suicide pact. The first Jonestown batch of KoolAid was to cut off Russian gas and confiscate over $300 billion in Russian assets in the west.

The Progressive lunatics in DC and Brussels thought the Russian “gas station” would collapse without access to Federal Reserve and ECB fiat script.

Well, as Biden demonstrated, sure, you can print trillions in “money” — I mean “fiat script”.

But you can’t print energy.

Especially when Climate Jacobins and ESG racketeers put a bootheel on the oil and gas supply chain.

Anyway, Der Spiegel reported yesterday that Germany does not have enough gas for the winter at current consumption rates.

So Progressive apparatchiks in the EU demand “Jonestown” drink more KoolAid.

Official preliminary gas consumption data for September varies from a decrease of 19% compared to the five-year average, to an increase of 16%, the report explains. “Pre-crisis gas consumption needs to come down by 30%”, Der Spiegel quoted Gunnar Luderer from the Ariadne project at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

They demand 30% more consumption cuts(!)

Meanwhile, German wind turbine implementation rates have fallen through the floor in 2022.

Probably because all that newly printed script only fuels inflation.

While wind turbine vendors are planning layoffs.

Reportedly 20% at GE alone.

Too bad *somebody’s Navy* torpedoed Nord Stream — literally.

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