Blind Man’s Bluff 2.0: Did Russia Get The Goods On Us Re A Dirty Bomb?

Meaning and History:

This morning Alex Mercouris featured a fascinating summary of the recent spate of actual communication between Russia and the collective West. For at least four months there had been no contacts that we know of, then—call after call, and all at the same time that the topic of a false flag nuclear event in Ukraine was also in the news, based on Russian accusations. Also in the news at that time was word of a severed cable near the Shetland Islands, and only a bit later did we learn that a Russian ship had been in the immediate vicinity. It followed on Zelensky’s demand that, if Russia should use a “nuclear weapon” of any sort, then the West should launch a “preemptive strike” against Russia. As Mercouris pointed out, although a “dirty bomb” isn’t exactly a nuke, it is something like a “nuclear weapon”.

Mercouris also pointed out the curious series of events that set all this off. The Russian Defense Minister, Shoigu, contacted the UK MoD Wallace, whereupon Wallace declared that US/UK communications had been breached and hopped aboard a plane to DC for an urgent face to face with a variety of muckety mucks there. Mercouris concludes that the most reasonable explanation in the circumstances is that the Russians did, indeed, breach secure US/UK comms and learned something about dirty bombs—or discussions about dirty bombs. Or something very like that.

After this flurry of communications between the Kremlin and the collective West, the collective West formally denied everything. Kind of. But Shoigu says Russia has “double verified” the evidence. It sounds like they have the goods on the collective West plotting a nuclear event. I don’t know about you, but I sure as sh*t didn’t vote for nuclear war.

So consider this


Looks like Russia was able to intercept and decode conversations between MI6 and the Pentagon. Suspicions are that the conversation was related to the assembly and use of a Dirty Bomb in the Ukraine. The British Defense Secretary had to fly to Washington same day due to breach 

For months Defense Sec Shoigu had zero contact with Western counterparts then suddenly he calls the Turkish, British, French and American Defense secretaries in all probability about the dirty bomb findings. That very same day the British defense secretary has to fly to Wash. 

Def sec Shoigu the next day confirms to the media that they have double verified evidence of the dirty bomb and have presented it to hie respective counterparts in the Western nations that are possibly involved. Is it an MI6 scheme or did the Ukraine go off the reservation again? 

Anyone who discounts this claim as “impossible” is not being sincere. This war is for all the marbles. It is for the direct control over the next Century of economic activity. Just like WW2 was. Folks need to wake up to certain “realities”. 

In the past few days there have been public stories about the possibility of cables being severed in the North sea (around Great Britain) and blaming it on Russian submarines. If these were internet cables the Russians do indeed have this ability to “tap” the lines as it where.


Also note that Russian Space forces have the ability to physically “tap” Western satellites in orbit. Not just signals intelligence intercepts. This is a newer field where the West has been developing counters to such activities.  

….. and I’m not talking about a Cosmonaut saddling up to a satellite. Think more like a small satellite maneuvering over to one of the larger communication satellites and “plugging into a port”. 

The intelligence powers in England are now literally running the country since the political situation is so very screwed up. Nobody is “in charge” at number 10. Not really anyway. This allows for some really nasty shit to happen since nobody will be held accountable. 

So what exactly constitutes a “Dirty Bomb”. In it’s simplest form all one would need is an old X-Ray unit, extract the radioactive elements contained put it in a container surrounded with explosives then place and detonate. 

This is nothing secret nor privileged w/r/t the information. The radioactive isotopes then spread in the wind and activate radiation detectors already in place or with hand held Geiger counters. 

The controlled media then rolls into high gear with headlines of “Nuclear explosion” and mushroom clouds. The MIC Psy Op then initiates that Russia used Nukes or the Ukraine used nukes etc. The people panic and it’s another 9/11 scenario where the public lose their freedom. 

Just imagine the Covid lock downs on steroids. imagine WW2 levels of control where every letter you write gets read by a human and redacted. Just imagine your neighbor ratting you out for saying something against a politician. (STASI) ….. just imagine. 

A dirty bomb is a weapon of terror. The soldiers in such an action are the media. The victims of this terror bombing are you and me no matter how far we are from the event. It is a ploy for total control and domination via fear based mind control. No fear.  

Just so I don’t get a visit from some Alphabet agency or 5 eyes man in black here is a public document of what I am talking about. Older X-Ray units like those in Eastern Europe use Radioactive elements. (Cesium-137)…

This morning I asked: Who’s in charge? The Intel agencies, it would seem. Hopefully, however, the actual military is pushing back on this craziness. Thank God for the Russians calling this out.

Next question: Who’s the enemy—and what are we gonna do about the enemy?

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