Monkey Werx Revisits the Nord Stream Hit

Monkey Werx bottom line:

  • NOT the Norwegians
  • ALL US Navy
  • Might have been a Hammerhead or Hawk torpedo — NOT C4

Sputnik, the Russian state-owned news agency and radio broadcast service, analyzed Flightradar 24 data showing US and German Navy aircraft regularly circling the sites during Baltops 24 between June 8 and June 16, 2022. The ASW aircraft descended to low altitudes and disabled their transponders in almost every flight to disguise their trajectories.

On June 8, a US Navy P8 Poseiden circled the sites of three future explosions northeast of Bornholm Island. A German Navy P3 Orion flew over the future blast site east of the island.

On June 9, the Poseiden flew over the sites northeast and east of Bornjolm.

From June 11 to June 15, the Poseiden repeatedly circled over the attack sites every day.

On June 16, the German P3 did the same

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