Open the Books on the SVB Progressive Money Laundry

Open the Books Fun Facts

  • SVB gave a$100,000 donation to the Newsom nonprofit, California Partners Project, in 2021.
  • The $100,000 donation was “behested,” meaning it was solicited by the governor himself, Gavin Newsom, and the disclosure was forced by state ethics relations on state websites.
  • The SVB investment banking president, John China, is a founding director at the Newsom nonprofit, California Partners Project.
  • The Newsom nonprofit was founded in 2020 to expressly push Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s public policy agenda at the Office of First Partner.
  • Gavin Newsom established The Office of First Partner as a taxpayer funded subdivision of the Office of Governor so Jennifer Siebel Newsom could push her public policy issues.
  • Taxpayers pay for nine staffers — $1 million per year for the Office of First Partner.
  • The Newsom’s first victory in tandem with their nonprofit, California Partners Project, was legislation which mandated gender quotas on corporate boards… the legislation was ruled discriminatory and tossed out by California courts after litigation by Judicial Watch.
  • The investment banking arm of SVB helped finance THREE of the governor’s private businesses!!
  • In 2018, Newsom said he would NOT sell his private businesses and called them “my babies, my life, my family… I can’t sell them.”
  • However, Newsom did sell interests in his businesses and presumably took home cash after SVB stepped in. All of this trading among insiders, friends, family, and acquittances needs scrutiny by regulators.

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