Tears in the Rain: Our Forgotten Heroes on the Front Line

Prometheus Shrugged: https://prometheusshrugged.substack.com/p/tears-in-rain-vol-ii-our-forgotten America must honor our doctors & nurses – & realize that they were thrown to the wolves Charles Rixey, MA, MBA In Volume I of this miniseries, I sought to illuminate what the COVID-19 outbreak & lockdown was like, through the eyes of the residents of the city. The stunning scale of the XiContinue reading “Tears in the Rain: Our Forgotten Heroes on the Front Line”

Tears in the Rain: Voices From Wuhan

Prometheus Shrugged: https://prometheusshrugged.substack.com/p/tears-in-rain-vol-i-voices-from-wuhan Tears in Rain, Vol I: Voices from Wuhan [updated] Many of those who tried to warn us of COVID-19 have disappeared; their words are all that’s left. To honor them, the world must listen. Charles Rixey, MA, MBA (c)4 hr ago Subscribe [it’s free!] to get full access to the newsletter and website.Continue reading “Tears in the Rain: Voices From Wuhan”