Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Four eyed Ukrainian Spetznaz soldiers attend games expo and play online  shooter Counter-Strike | Daily Mail Online

Ironic that John le Carre passed last week. Let’s revisit some dialog from the epic screenplay for his “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”:

CONTROL: "Shut up, Esterhase."

Control waves him down. Smiley considers the report

SMILEY: "If it's genuine it's gold-dust.(Beat) But its topicality makes it suspect."

Control turns to Alleline, with a mocking smile.

CONTROL: "Smiley is suspicious, Percy. Smells a fake."

SMILEY: "Where does it come from? What's the access?

CONTROL: "Percy doesn't feel like telling.

Percy packs his pipe, enjoys the moment - the young lion
challenging the old.

PERCY ALLELINE: "A new secret source of mine."

SMILEY: "But how could he possibly have access to...?"

PERCY ALLELINE: "He has access to the most sensitive levels of policy making."

Smiley stares at him, staggered. If it's true, this is the jackpot. Alleline enjoys his amazement, he leans over - points with bureaucratic pride to the FLAMES on the LETTER HEAD.

PERCY ALLELINE: "We have named the operation 'Witchcraft.'"

SMILEY" (Faintly) "We?"

CONTROL: "Percy and his pals have bypassed us, Smiley. Gone straight to the Minister. Everyone's very excited. Percy's to be allowed to keep the identity of his new friend top secret.

Of course, Christopher Steele wasn’t a character in Tinker Tailor. Unless he was Percy. I would think more likely Haydon.

In any case, here we are again – Russia! Russia! Russia!

Tom Luongo:

“This cyber attack on the U.S. government was perfectly timed with the Electoral College submitting its votes to the Congress and Joe Biden claiming he’s president-elect.

“The reason why the release of this ‘attack’ on our government was perfectly timed is because it is a distraction from the growing unrest over the Democrats’ having stolen the election and cowering the courts into irrelevance.

“This is classic CIA-level misdirection from what was more likely a Chinese or, dare I say it, homegrown operation for the very purpose of blaming the Russians to tamp down the anger and confuse the MAGA crowd.”

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