Long Acme

From EvilSpeculator: https://evilspeculator.com/long-acme/

Social media giants have been channeling their inner Wile E. Coyote over the past few days for rather obvious reasons you are most likely aware of but which clearly fall outside the context of what we do and worry about here at Evil Speculator. Again, there is a myriad of places that relish in that kind of discourse and if you feel like yelling at and insulting people you’ve never met on the Internet you’ll be much better off over there. So let’s put our respective political ideologies on ice for a moment and simply look at what’s going on from a purely strategic perspective. Or in other words – how we can we take advantage?

Facebook seems to have an Acme anvil tied to its ankle right now and the current formation does not invoke a lot of optimism. Earnings are coming up in a week or so, and that in addition to the current political drama may drag it toward the 220 mark or lower. Assuming it breaches through the 245 mark which appears to be a major inflection point.

More at Evil Speculator.

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