Solar Minimum Cold and Snow

The GIF published above presents NOAA’s temperature anomaly forcasts over the next 2 days.

As is evident, we’re looking at lower-48 temperature anomalies of upwards of a dozen degrees C below norms.

I routinely track the effects of the Solar Minimum that has begun and will run at least through 2050 due planetary dynamics reducing solar radiance. This cooling is unwinding the solar warming cycle we’ve seen since ~1840.

To date, the UK has seen the coldest April since 1922. It’s the coldest April in Germany since 1917.

With cold comes a buildup of snow.

Total snow mass for the Northern Hemisphere through April 19, is at an unprecedented 2,400 Gigatons. That’s ~700 Gigatons above the 1982-2012 average.

Next up – spiking agricultural prices.

More on that later.

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