Incompetence Now!

The “nation building” script is straight out of the progressive/neoliberal playbook. Something about blind belief in the unlimited plasticity of the human psyche.

“Rational man” in political systems gave us the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Third Reich, and the Progressive Century – with all the pointless terrors and horrors.

Yet, there is nothing inherently wrong with individual rationalism seeking focused objectives. Seems more associated with increasingly centralized rationalism, particularly when aimed at restructuring society.


“Re-imagining capitalism”.

Entering Afghanistan in the hunt for Bin Laden was a rational mission. He organized an attack on the United States, sought sanctuary from a vengeful nation, and the Taliban gave it – refusing to turn him over.

The proper military mission would be to hunt him on our terms until he was dead, captured, or no longer in Afghanistan – and suppress or confront the Taliban if they got in the way – especially those who gave him sanctuary.

Once that mission was deemed over (successfully or not), pack up and go home.

If the Taliban become a direct threat again sufficient to mount another more crushing raid, so be it.

That’s the history of war. If need be, you destroy the threat as Roman destroyed Carthage.

As Carl von Clausewitz wrote: “Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination.”

He also wrote: “War is not an exercise of the will directed at an inanimate matter.”

Ignoring Clausewitz, we got the Afghanistan adventure – a bipartisan attack on inanimate matter, start to inevitable finish.

Nation-building, Vietnam 2.0.

Trump tried to end it but was ignored by the Defense Department and State Department he commanded and the Deep State that squats in DC.

So much for a Constitution in which the elected President is commander-in-chief. He should have immediately fired every person in the chain of command who defied his order, starting with the Secretary of Defense.

The sexual predator Sock Puppet installed as President last fall was the perfect goober on whose watch this long-standing trainwreck should end.

And count on a goober to make this statement a mere days before our puppet government collapsed.

Anyone with a brain knew this corrupt tool is clueless. Anyone with a brain knew or should have known that last year.

That so many Americans are clueless simply highlights our national sense of historical perspective goes only as far back as the last meal we ate.

We now know that Biden’s advisory team and the US intell community that advised them are just as clueless. No surprise – have you listened to our Secretary of Defense or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs?

“This may become the most infamous — and devastating — press conference ever held by an American President,” wrote CIA foreign operations veteran Bryan Dean Wright on Sunday.

The inevitable collapse of the Kabul puppet is not a basis for the Sock Puppet to resign – the corrupt 2020 election was.

If Biden was an honest man (alternatively, if a corrupt politico who uses his family as bagmen), he would have joined with Trump before the Electors met in January and pursued a transparent audit of the irregularities. If those irregularities were could not be ruled out, he should have asked the Congress to decide the election.

We might have had one as president and the other as vice president consistent with the protocols at this country’s founding. That would have given us more of a united country than we have today.

Everything since has shown Biden to be the corrupt hack he’s been for almost 50 years.

But this press conference makes Biden’s resignation inevitable.

What little credibility this Sock Puppet had is gone.

In 6 months, Biden has thrown the US fiscal state into deep red, opened the southern border to an invasion at the rate of 2 million per year (~15-20% Covid-infected), mismanaged the vaccine roll-out, destroyed our energy sector and independence, and now has lost all credibility as a national leader.

Time to say good-bye.

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