Incompetence Now! 2.0 – Biden Blows CIA Cover

Note who’s on the video call on the lower left – that’s Doha Station. Per GreatGameIndia: White House Accidentally Exposes Cover Of CIA Operatives At Doha Station In Qatar August 17, 2021 In what seem like a big goof-up, the White House accidentally exposed the cover of CIA operatives at Doha station. The White House sharedContinue reading “Incompetence Now! 2.0 – Biden Blows CIA Cover”

Incompetence Now!

The “nation building” script is straight out of the progressive/neoliberal playbook. Something about blind belief in the unlimited plasticity of the human psyche. “Rational man” in political systems gave us the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Third Reich, and the Progressive Century – with all the pointless terrors and horrors. Yet, there is nothingContinue reading “Incompetence Now!”