A Window Into Who Runs America

A Window Into Who Runs America

Mark Wauck

Before I get into the main topic, I’d like to quickly draw attention to an Epoch Times article that Zerohedge republished. It has to do with the campaign of fire bombings directed against churches and pro-life clinics across the country. Of course, we know that Antifa isn’t behind this firebombing campaign because Antifa isn’t a thing, as such—if you don’t believe me, just ask Chris Wray at the FBI. However, one thing should be clear—criminal campaigns of this sort require money and coordination. You’d need to be hopelessly naive to think that this isn’t a well organized and well funded campaign:

Far-Left Groups Use Map Created By University Professors To Target Pregnancy Centers

This intro will give you the idea. What would be the purpose of an interactive map of this sort?

Radical pro-abortion activists are reportedly using an interactive map developed by two University of Georgia professors to plan their violent attacks on pregnancy resource centers.

These centers, which typically offer pregnancy tests and counseling services from a pro-life perspective, have been vandalized, smashed, and set on fire in growing numbers across the country in the weeks leading up to the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

While these centers’ locations are public knowledge, perpetrators have been using online tools that collect and organize this information in a way that makes it easier for them to find the next target.

One of such tools is the Crisis Pregnancy Center Map, a project led by Andrea Swartzendruber and Danielle Lambert, both professors at the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department at the University of Georgia. The interactive map identifies the exact street addresses of over 2,500 pro-life clinics.

The stated purpose of the map is “to provide location information about all of the crisis pregnancy centers operating in the U.S.” The website also refers to these centers as “fake women’s health centers” primarily aimed to “prevent people from having abortions.”

The main topic is one that should be near and dear to Sundance’s heart. Red State has run an investigative article by The Heartland Institute that draws attention to the secretive—and, by normal standards, conflicted—dealings of BlackRock with the Zhou regime:

The White House’s Secret Meetings With BlackRock Are a Major Threat to Freedom

For anyone not in the know, here’s the short version of what BlackRock is—with the proviso (unmentioned in the article) that BlackRock is tightly integrated with the World Economic Forum (WEF)—the globalist Davos crowd who are heart and soul behind the war on Russia. You need to keep that integration in mind and the focus on Russia as you read:

BlackRock controls more assets than any other investment management firm on Wall Street, with about $10 trillion now under management. (Yes, that’s “trillion” with a “t.”)

BlackRock has used much of this wealth to seize control of sizeable minority stakes in numerous publicly traded companies, making BlackRock and its CEO, Larry Fink, the most powerful forces in corporate America. When BlackRock and Fink speak, Wall Street listens.

BlackRock famously uses its leverage to enforce “ESG investing” policies on corporations—that’s Environmental, social, and corporate governance:, which summarizes the WEF’s corporatist or neo-fascist model of global domination:

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is an approach to evaluating the extent to which a corporation works on behalf of social goals that go beyond the role of a corporation to maximize profits on behalf of the corporation’s shareholders. Typically, the social goals advocated within an ESG perspective include working to achieve a certain set of environmental goals, as well as a set of goals having to do with supporting certain social movements, and a third set of goals having to do with whether the corporation is governed in a way that is consistent with the goals of the diversity, equity, and inclusion movement.

Ever wonder why June is the biggest month of the year for corporations, most of which can be strongarmed through BlackRock by the WEF and George Soros’ Open Society outfit? Right. BlackRock uses its stakeholder status to get its own people on corporate boards.

Of course, all of this means that BlackRock has a major interest not only in economic matters in the US but globally. When you’re talking about trillions of dollars in assets you’re likely looking for more than just an occasional heads up—ideally you’d like not only a heads up but also a voice in policy formulation. That’s the “governance” part, and that’s what the Heartland Institute piece explains, simply by laying out the personal interconnections between Tom Donilon and the Zhou regime. I shouldn’t have to explain who Tom Donilon is to any Sundance readers. However, I’ve excerpted a good chunk to make it basically clear. Do yourself a favor and read it all, at the link. One final caveat—I’m not pretending that this setup is somehow unique to probably the most corrupt administration in US history. This is about how the US is run. It’s not run by We the People. Maybe we’re more sensitive about these matters, and less naive:

According to an investigation of White House visitors logs, Thomas E. Donilon — chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII), BlackRock’s personal think tank dedicated to assessing geopolitical investment risk — met with Biden administration officials at least eight times from March 2021 to November 2021, and perhaps on other occasions as well. …

Donilon has been an important figure in U.S. foreign policy for many years. Most recently, he served under President Barack Obama as his national security advisor. He also worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and was reportedly on Biden’s short list of nominees to become the next CIA director.

In large part because of his extensive experience in government, and likely because of his connections to establishment Democrats, BlackRock hired Donilon to be its chairman of BII, which, according to BlackRock’s website, “leverages the firm’s expertise and generates proprietary research to provide insights on the global economy, markets, geopolitics and long-term asset allocation – all to help our clients and portfolio managers navigate financial markets.”

In other words, Donilon’s job is to help BlackRock clients make money and protect their assets by having access to important information about foreign affairs, geopolitics, etc. Of course, such insights would be greatly enhanced by insider knowledge provided by White House staff. …

Beginning in March 2021, just two months after Biden entered the White House, Donilon started to meet with Biden administration officials. He met multiple times with special assistants to the White House Office of Cabinet Affairs Thomas Isen and Sanam Rastegar, and he also met once with Sezaneh Seymour, the deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging technology at the National Security Council.

Donilon has also conducted at least four one-on-one meetings with Kimberly Lang, a figure we know very little about. Lang is strangely absent from the official Annual Report to Congress on White House Office Personnel dated July 1, 2021, despite having held meetings since Biden’s first week in office. However, federal payroll records suggest that Lang worked alongside Biden and Donilon in the Obama administration’s National Security Council.

Despite her relative anonymity, White House visitor logs show Lang regularly holds meetings, often privately, with top foreign policy and national security elites, including experts on geopolitical affairs, nuclear threats, terrorism, and economic sanctions. Some of her notable visitors have included William Burns, director of the Central Intelligence Agency; James Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe and current managing director of the Carlyle Group; and Colin Kahl, U.S. undersecretary of defense.

Further, according to emails obtained from WikiLeaks, Donilon and Lang were in contact while Donilon served as national security advisor, when he ran the National Security Council to which Lang has since been linked. Lang was closely apprised of Donilon’s whereabouts, often directly communicating with him in addition to powerful government officials such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

This evidence appears to show that Donilon, an expert in foreign policy, is secretly meeting with well-connected national security staff in the Biden White House while also working for BlackRock in a position where he is responsible for using geopolitical and foreign policy information to help investors get a good financial return.

Incredibly, as bad as these connections seem to be, Donilon’s links to the Biden administration run even deeper. Mike Donilon, a senior advisor to the president, is Thomas Donilon’s brother. Mike has been a longtime supporter of Biden’s, even serving as his chief strategist throughout the 2020 presidential campaign.

Until earlier this year, Thomas Donilon’s wife, Cathy Russell, was the director of the Presidential Personnel Office, which vested her with the important task of hiring and vetting administration employees.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the Donilon duo’s daughter, Sarah, also works in the Biden administration, as a staffer for the National Security Council, giving Thomas Donilon yet another important contact in the White House.

BlackRock has other connections within the Biden administration as well. …

Speaking of Fink, he, too, appears to have met secretly at the White House. Visitor logs show that on February 8, 2022, just two weeks before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Fink met with Steve Ricchetti, the counselor to the president. Ricchetti served as chairman of Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, and has been described as the “yin to the yang” of Biden’s other highly trusted advisor — Mike Donilon.

What’s the connection between the two topics above? Money.

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