I Haven’t Got Time for Your Pain

Steve Watson (Summit News): https://summit.news/2022/07/20/biden-transport-secretary-again-says-pain-of-high-gas-prices-is-a-benefit/

Biden Transport Secretary AGAIN Says “PAIN” Of High Gas Prices Is A Benefit

Biden’s gaggle of energy and climate advisors all converge to push ‘acceleration’ of green ‘transition’

Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has again suggested that high gas prices are a good thing because it forces people to accept a transition to the green energy agenda.

During a congressional hearing, Buttigieg said that “the more pain” Americans experience from high gas prices, the more “benefit” there is “for those who can access electric vehicles.”

[Note: the median American household income dropped 4% YoY to $66K. The average EV owners household income rose $3K YoY to $146K.


Buttigieg said basically the same thing earlier in the week, that high prices are forcing people to buy electric vehicles.

GOP Rep. Thomas Massie noted during the hearing that buying electric cars will actually cost Americans more in energy costs, and use more fossil fuel derived electricity:

Buttigieg, along with Biden’s gaggle of energy and climate advisors, have repeatedly suggested that Americans simply buy EVs, which retail above 50 thousands dollars.

The same crowd all converged Tuesday to declare that there needs to be an ‘acceleration’ of the green energy agenda, the infrastructure for which does not exist:

As we highlighted Tuesday, Biden and his handlers are suggesting that they are responsible for average gas prices going down, because they have dropped from around $5 to $4.50, a clear deception:

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