Weekly Pentagon Report

Before sharing , here are a few videos I thought might be interesting.

First up, an Tornado-S hit on an AFU depot.

The secondary explosions are extensive. Well targeted.

I almost miss that Navy thing I did years back – nuclear engineering officer running a weapons-grade nuclear reactor plus the opportunity to play with some fun ordnance in its day.

The 9A52-4 Tornado is Russia’s newest 300 mm multiple rocket launcher. It was designed as a lightweight and universal version of the BM-30 Smerch, dubbed 9A52-2. It was first unveiled in 2007 as a more strategically and tactically mobile launcher, albeit at the expense of a slight reduction in firepower. This model is aimed at replacing the previous generation of Russian multiple rocket launchers, including BM-21 Grad, BM-27 Uragan and BM-30 Smerch. Currently the sole operator is Russian Ground Forces. A version will be approved for export.

Nikolaev is on Russia’s road to Odessa. It sits astride the Southern Bug with access to the Black Sea and is one of the main shipbuilding centers of the Black Sea.

Clearly, a major NATO-supplied depot.

Here’s a US-supplied M-777 155 mm artillery piece gettting obliterated on the Kherson front near Nikolaev:

Here is an RT reporter Murad Gazdiev showing you around a captured M-777 position.

Next up, one of Russia’s favorite targets – the rail bridge into Odessa taking yet another hit. This bridge is a double-deck rail-trucking bridge on Route P70 supplying Odess from Romania.

Note the barge strategically positioned to absorb cruise missile hits to the crucial tower:

And now, here’s Brian Berletic for the Friday Follies:

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