Bakhmut/Soledar Sitrep: 2023-02-11

Fierce fighting continues near Bakhmut. The efforts of the Russian troops are focused on the capture of Krasna Gora and Paraskovievka to the north of Bakhmut, the development of success at Sacco and Vanzetti on the right bank of the Bakhmutovka River, and the physical cutting of roads from Chasiv Yar to Bakhmut in the west.

The assault groups of the Wagner PMCs, with the support of regular formations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, actually closed the encirclement ring around the AFU contingent of the 54th Infantry Brigade of the AFU defending in the destroyed village of Krasna Hora

The Ukrainian OTG “Soledar” is not able to rotate personnel and withdraw personnel from the village. One of the AFU’s companies escaped from the front line, suffering irreparable losses.

The withdrawal of a part of the Ukrainian units that were planned to be deployed near Kremennaya and in Terny is being recorded from under the Liman.

The withdrawn formations have been transferred to Kramatorsk, and in the future they are planned to be sent to the front line in Bakhmut.

Separate units of the newly formed 47 oabr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also sent there.

Foreign mercenaries operating near Bakhmut occupy mainly the second or third line of defense. Young recruits, mobilized and territorial defense detachments occupy the defense in the first rows.

Per Russian Ministry of Defense reports, high-precision strikes destroyed all energy facilities powering Ukraine defense and transport, halting the redeployment of foreign weapons, ammunitions and reserves by rail to the front.

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