Ma’am I Am

With thanks to The Burning Platform

I see your hair. It is a wig.

Your Adam’s apple still looks big.

You are a man, and that is clear.

I do not see a woman here.

I must admit. It’s rather odd.

To hear you say you’re now a broad.

You have no uterus, so no;

You cannot bleed from down below.

I do not like your padded bra!

You should not use the women’s spa!

You tell me you had surgery;

Your pronouns still are “him” and “he.”

Your chromosomes are X and Y.

That means you’ll always be a guy.

You gave yourself a girly name.

That does not mean you’re now a dame.

A surgeon chopped your eggs and ham?

I still won’t call you Ma’am I Am.

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