Inflation News

Your money is worth less by the amount the Fed expected. Per ZeroHedge: The final print actually matched expectations, rising 0.4% MoM (vs +0.2% MoM in November) pushingthe YoY print for the headline CPI up to +1.4%. This is the seventh straight rise in consumer prices. But, when you get into the details, it’s lookingContinue reading “Inflation News”

Make Bang Bang With Fang Fang

It just gets funnier and funnier. SIGH! That said, here’s Jonathan Turley on the absurdity that is the Socialist Party and their War Party allies in Congress: While there are good faith reasons for calling for impeachment, there remain serious questions over the speed and basis for the impeachment.  My concern is primarily over theContinue reading “Make Bang Bang With Fang Fang”

Red Ponzi Debt Market

Investor confidence in China Fortune Land Development Co. Ltd. is tumbling as concerns grow about its debt repayment abilities just as Beijing steps up efforts to cut risk in the real estate sector. The mid-sized developer’s dollar bonds fell to record lows earlier Tuesday, with some rebounding but a note due 2024 still down at 49.8 centsContinue reading “Red Ponzi Debt Market”

Greenwald on Anti-competitive Behavior

Greenwald: “If one were looking for evidence to demonstrate that these tech behemoths are, in fact, monopolies that engage in anti-competitive behavior in violation of antitrust laws, and will obliterate any attempt to compete with them in the marketplace, it would be difficult to imagine anything more compelling than how they just used their unconstrainedContinue reading “Greenwald on Anti-competitive Behavior”

Blatant Electoral Manipulation and Ruthless Information Censorship

Ukraine where oligarchs buy off US Democrat political princes? Or the US where oligarchs buy off Democrat political princes? Hard to tell the difference. Stephen Karganovic doesn’t see much difference: In the short-term, after January 20th, the complete gutting of the Second Amendment will undoubtedly be their emergency reflex response; but whether that will beContinue reading “Blatant Electoral Manipulation and Ruthless Information Censorship”

A Vaccine-Resistant CoVid-19

Dr. Bieniasz (Professor and Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Rockefeller University) opines on how to rendeer SARS-CoV-2 vaccines impotent. “As viruses go, SARS-CoV-2, is quite easy to neutralize with antibodies and, it turns out, straightforward to generate effective vaccines based on the spike protein. Perhaps, even probably, those two properties are causallyContinue reading “A Vaccine-Resistant CoVid-19”

The Big Short 2.0

Per MarketWatch, Michael Burry of “The Big Short” fame is back and all-in on a TSLA short. As of January 11, 2021, Tesla is now trading at about 29x sales. Burry observed that showed the company’s sale of regulatory credits was necessary for profitability. He also pointed out the company’s flat revenues and Tesla’s “inferiorContinue reading “The Big Short 2.0”

The Brandenburg Standard

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro in The Wall Street Journal “The president didn’t mention violence on Wednesday, much less provoke or incite it. He said, ‘I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.’ “District law defines a riot as ‘a public disturbance . . .Continue reading “The Brandenburg Standard”

Inflation Ahead?

Per MorganStanley, five factors will drive inflation: 1. First, private sector risk appetite has experienced limited scarring: As we have argued at length, the pandemic was an exogenous shock. Policy-makers were unfettered by moral hazard concerns and had little hesitation about underwriting household and corporate income losses to an unprecedented degree. In particular, while unemployment costContinue reading “Inflation Ahead?”