Parler Silenced by the Oligarchs

“Woe to that nation whose literature is disturbed by the intervention of power. Because that is not just a violation against ‘freedom of print’, it is the closing down of the heart of the nation, a slashing to pieces of its memory. The nation ceases to be mindful of itself, it is deprived of itsContinue reading “Parler Silenced by the Oligarchs”

Spiking LNG Prices as Grand Solar Minimum Weather Patterns Appear

This is the first winter since the onset of the Grand Solar Minimum. And the impacts are sharp and immediate. LNG prices hit new records as temperature in Asia and Europe drop precipitousely amist tight supples. The historic Arctic blast is set to continue across Asia, with Beijing recording -19.6C on Thursday morning–the city’s lowest temperatureContinue reading “Spiking LNG Prices as Grand Solar Minimum Weather Patterns Appear”

Office Apocalypse

As reported in Bloomberg, new leases in the fourth quarter dropped 64% YoY to 4.6 million square feet. Average asking rents for the highest-quality offices fell 8.6% to $90.42 a square foot, a decline that doesn’t capture concessions such as free months or tenant-improvement allowances. And, as the graph above indicates, this may just beContinue reading “Office Apocalypse”

Oligarchical Collectivism and the Outer Party

Recall in the world of 1984, it is the middle class – the Outer Party – that is most feared by the Inner Party. The Party employs a Ministry of Truth, historical revisionism, and memory holes to rob Proles and the Outer Party of their history and the present. “Who controls the past controls theContinue reading “Oligarchical Collectivism and the Outer Party”

False Flag or Staged Event?

As the story goes,  police actually opened up the barricades that were surrounding the U.S. Capitol and purposely allowed protesters to storm the building.  Just as a debate about the evidence of election irregularities was about to begin in the halls of Congress, these riots conveniently broke out. Members of Congress were quickly evacuated, andContinue reading “False Flag or Staged Event?”

Supply Chain Disruption

As Tyler observes, ISM falsely shows an uptick when, in fact, delivery time extension is more indicative of a supply chain disruption. Recall US industrial production remains stalled 5.6 percentage points below the long-run average. Nothing like this ever happened before.

CoVid Immunity

Rodda et al. (2020) performed a longitudinal assessment of individuals recovered from mild COVID-19 to determine whether they develop and sustain multifaceted SARS-CoV-2-specific immunological memory. They determined that recovered individuals developed SARS-CoV-2-specific immunoglobulin (IgG) antibodies, neutralizing plasma, and memory B and memory T cells that persisted for at least 3 months. Their data further revealsContinue reading “CoVid Immunity”