Supply Chain Disruption

As Tyler observes, ISM falsely shows an uptick when, in fact, delivery time extension is more indicative of a supply chain disruption. Recall US industrial production remains stalled 5.6 percentage points below the long-run average. Nothing like this ever happened before.

CoVid Immunity

Rodda et al. (2020) performed a longitudinal assessment of individuals recovered from mild COVID-19 to determine whether they develop and sustain multifaceted SARS-CoV-2-specific immunological memory. They determined that recovered individuals developed SARS-CoV-2-specific immunoglobulin (IgG) antibodies, neutralizing plasma, and memory B and memory T cells that persisted for at least 3 months. Their data further revealsContinue reading “CoVid Immunity”

Lab Leak Update

On January 2, 2021, the Daily Mail reported on US intell agencies concluding CoViD is the result of a lab breach at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (see ZeroHedge picked up on that story and discusses growing evidence, including a whistleblower, cited by US intell makes it increasingly clear the PRC knew the trueContinue reading “Lab Leak Update”

Triumph of Liberty

MN Gordon on EconomicPrism ( “In this context, those counting on government stimulus or relief payments to keep shoes on their feet and food in their bellies are going to be lacking.  Indeed, many already are.  But as disappointment has slipped to disenchantment something remarkable has happened.  The populace has made ever greater demands forContinue reading “Triumph of Liberty”

Special Ed Poolside – the Chicago Way

“As recently as Thursday,” according to WGN, Sarah Chambers “tweeted to rally special education teachers not to return to work Monday because it’s unsafe. Just a few hours earlier, Chambers posted a picture on Instagram that appears to show her pool side in Puerto Rico and talking about going to Old San Juan for seafood.”Continue reading “Special Ed Poolside – the Chicago Way”