No Change Month-Over-Month

The linear warming trend since January, 1979 remains at +0.14 C/decade (+0.12 C/decade over the global-averaged oceans, and +0.19 C/decade over global-averaged land). But with La Nina surface cooling ahead, minimum temperatures (and El Nino maximum temperatures) show up around February, March, or April. The tropical (20N-20S) temperature anomaly for November was +0.29 deg. C,Continue reading “No Change Month-Over-Month”

A Relation Between Hurricanes and Climate Change? Really?

Frank Bosse is a guy who gets around. Retired Senior Scientist of Molecular Neurobiology at Heinrich-Heine Unversity in Duesseldorf, he’s also a man who knows his statistics. Now, anybody with a bit of stats background might look at the graph above, note the r-statistic along with the limited data stet and scatter, and have moreContinue reading “A Relation Between Hurricanes and Climate Change? Really?”