CCP/SARS-CoVid-19 Fully Sequenced

In a bioRxiv preprint, Chen et al. (2021) report the results of the first genomic sequencing of the virus. Chen traces CCP back to RaTG13 and RmYN02 – strains reported by Chinese researchers as detected in Yunnan province of China, but yet to be found elsewhere. The study considered over 4,000 full-length viral sequences made availableContinue reading “CCP/SARS-CoVid-19 Fully Sequenced”

The Limits of Climate Change due to GHG Sensitivity

Stefani (2021): The two main drivers of climate change on sub-Milankovic time scales are re-assessed by means of a multiple regression analysis. Evaluating linear combinations of the logarithm of carbon dioxide concentration and the geomagnetic aa-index as a proxy for solar activity, we reproduce the sea surface temperature (HadSST) since the middle of the 19thContinue reading “The Limits of Climate Change due to GHG Sensitivity”

mRNA Vaccine Safety

Remmel, A. (2021): COVID vaccines and safety: what the research says It is clear that coronavirus vaccines are safe and effective, but as more are rolled out, researchers are learning about the extent and nature of side effects. As people around the world receive COVID-19 vaccines, reports of temporary side effects such as headaches andContinue reading “mRNA Vaccine Safety”

CCP Virus “Circulating Widely” in Wuhan in December 2019

Epoch Times: An investigator with the World Health Organization (WHO) said the CCP virus was “circulating widely” in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. Lead WHO investigator Peter Ben Embarek told CNN that his team found signs of a wider outbreak in the Hubei Province city in late 2019, noting that there were at least 13 strains of the CCP (ChineseContinue reading “CCP Virus “Circulating Widely” in Wuhan in December 2019″

China Joe’s “Daddy” Gives WHO “the Ole Razzle-Dazzle”

Tyler at Zero Hedge: China “Refuses” To Hand Over Raw Data On Early COVID Cases To WHO Team BY TYLER DURDEN FRIDAY, FEB 12, 2021 – 17:20 It came as no surprise that China disingenuously seized on this month’s World Health Organization (WHO) trip to try and claim the COVID-19 pandemic actually started abroad, while atContinue reading “China Joe’s “Daddy” Gives WHO “the Ole Razzle-Dazzle””

A Year Later with the Sock Puppet Installed As President, Washington Post Discovers Lab Leak Potential At WIV

Washington Post: Many scientists have speculated that the virus leaped from animals, such as bats, to humans, perhaps with an intermediate stop in another animal. This kind of zoonotic spillover has occurred before, such as in the West Africa Ebola outbreak in 2014. But there is another pathway, also plausible, that must be investigated. That is theContinue reading “A Year Later with the Sock Puppet Installed As President, Washington Post Discovers Lab Leak Potential At WIV”

CoVid Viral Load: What is Truth?

From Off-Guardian: In a request for a study which shows complete isolation and purification of the particles claimed to be SARS-CoV-2, Michael Laue from one of the world’s most important representatives of the COVID-19 “panicdemic,” the German Robert Koch Institute (RKI), answered that[1]: I am not aware of a paper which purified isolated SARS-CoV-2. ThisContinue reading “CoVid Viral Load: What is Truth?”

CoVid/CCP Virus Phylogeny: 02/03/2021

SARS-CoV-2 (“CoVid-19”) continues to show unusual evolution for a coronavirus. Ray et al., 2021: The genome of the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has been observed to be between 29.8 kb to 29.9 kb in size, and its sequence differs substantially from some of the previously identified human corona viruses including SARS andContinue reading “CoVid/CCP Virus Phylogeny: 02/03/2021”

A Case for the China Virus (aka SARS-CoV-2) as a Lab Artifact

From the press release: “The purpose of the analysis was to determine the origin of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Beginning with a likelihood of 98.2% that it was a zoonotic jump from nature with only a 1.2% probability it was a laboratory escape, twenty-six different, independent facts and evidence were examined systematically. TheContinue reading “A Case for the China Virus (aka SARS-CoV-2) as a Lab Artifact”

China Virus Lab Breach

A story published today in the Washington Times covers the US intell assessment of the China Virus as a lab breach event. The breach at the Wuhan Institute of Virology likely involved gain-of-function research funded by Dr. “Death” Fauci through the EcoHealth Alliance. Here’s Bill Gertz: U.S. intelligence findings recently declassified by the State Department provide fresh evidenceContinue reading “China Virus Lab Breach”