“Don’t be evil” (unless you’re Google)

“Apparently, Google does not deem it unethical to fire an employee for expressing the research-based view that differences between the sexes/genders may include occupational proclivities. Google must not consider it unethical to blacklist conservative or otherwise nonleftist news sites, websites, and users. Google must believe that autocompleting searches with patent nonsense represents the highest ethical standards. Google maintains that factual search resultsContinue reading ““Don’t be evil” (unless you’re Google)”

Banana Republic News Update: “We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they’ve used—and planned to use from the beginning” that allegedly switched votes to Biden”

“We’re getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states,” Powell said on Fox Business, adding that she has enough evidence of election fraud to launch a widespread criminal investigation.  “I don’t make comments without having the evidence to back it up.” It’s on like Donkey Kong. Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: ‘We’re Getting Ready toContinue reading “Banana Republic News Update: “We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they’ve used—and planned to use from the beginning” that allegedly switched votes to Biden””

Commercial Loan Demand Crash

Last quarter, we saw collapsing consumer loan supply, tighter loan conditions, and consumer demand falling to record low levels. That was then. This is now. the latest round of bank earnings saw a collapse in loan loss provisions across the US banking sector, which miraculously plunged from near all time highs back to pre-covid levelsContinue reading “Commercial Loan Demand Crash”

Georgia On My Mind

“In an Oct. 11 order, just weeks prior to the presidential election, U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg agreed with the concerns associated with the new Dominion voting system, writing that the case presented “serious system security vulnerability and operational issues that may place Plaintiffs and other voters at risk of deprivation of their fundamental rightContinue reading “Georgia On My Mind”

“Pennsylvania is irredeemably compromised”

“The thrust of their legal argument doesn’t hinge on the numbers of fraudulent ballots cast, but on the inconsistent and illegal application of Pennsylvania election law, which dilutes legally cast votes — so-called disparate treatment, from which the U.S. Constitution is supposed to protect us. “The other key legal argument is that those changes inContinue reading ““Pennsylvania is irredeemably compromised””

Grand Solar Minimum (2020-2053)

Valentina Zharkova is a Professor in Mathematics at Northumbria University. She specializes in solar physics and has focused on testing low frequency coupled dynamics with atmospheric-terrestrial-oceanic effects. In the referenced opinion piece, Dr. Zharkova uses newly discovered solar activity proxy -the solar magnetic field – to demonstrate the Sun’s entry into the modern Grand SolarContinue reading “Grand Solar Minimum (2020-2053)”

The Revenge of Justice Clarence Thomas

You know what they say about “payback”. Pennsylvania can very well be the Florida of 2020. If Pennsylvania election officials reject the Trump petition, we can quickly get an education in the Constitution of the United States. Even if Chief Justice Roberts lines up with the socialist wing, it’s not that much of a stretchContinue reading “The Revenge of Justice Clarence Thomas”