Triumph of Liberty

MN Gordon on EconomicPrism ( “In this context, those counting on government stimulus or relief payments to keep shoes on their feet and food in their bellies are going to be lacking.  Indeed, many already are.  But as disappointment has slipped to disenchantment something remarkable has happened.  The populace has made ever greater demands forContinue reading “Triumph of Liberty”

Special Ed Poolside – the Chicago Way

“As recently as Thursday,” according to WGN, Sarah Chambers “tweeted to rally special education teachers not to return to work Monday because it’s unsafe. Just a few hours earlier, Chambers posted a picture on Instagram that appears to show her pool side in Puerto Rico and talking about going to Old San Juan for seafood.”Continue reading “Special Ed Poolside – the Chicago Way”

The Mathematics Against Lockdowns

In a bioRxiv preprint first posted October 21, 2020 (and later published in Molecular Biology and Evolution), Dellacour et al. (2020) report their studies of the spatial density of available SARS-CoV-2 genomes mapped in the Belgium epidemic. Their phylodynamic analysis demonstrates real-time dispersion dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 lineages. Among other things, their spatially-explicit phylogeographic analyses highlight thatContinue reading “The Mathematics Against Lockdowns”

Asset Bubble Dynamics

J. Wolinsky: “Based on the experience, popping bubbles are often associated with the complete collapse of companies like eToys, or Webvan, but that is as much the exception as the rule. It is equally common that following an immense and unsustainable rise in stock price, the bubble pops without much change in the operationsContinue reading “Asset Bubble Dynamics”

Tale of the Tape

From the Blog: “Today IBM is unveiling a new milestone bringing to light work more than 15 years in the making between IBM researchers and Fujifilm. Together, we have set yet another new world record in tape storage – our sixth since 2006. Pushing the limits, we achieved 317 GB/in2 (gigabits per square inch) in areal density onContinue reading “Tale of the Tape”

Fiat Currency Debasement

Global debasement of fiat currencies means steadily rising gold, silver, and BTC continue to rise despite stalling recovery. Continuing monetary stimulus and suppressed rates mean less confidence fiat currencies will return to past glory. Von Mises (1966): “Economics recommends neither inflationary nor deflationary policy. It does not urge the governments to tamper with the market’sContinue reading “Fiat Currency Debasement”

Wire Fraud? Racketeering?

Corrupt Joe in the cross-hairs? Inevitably. “The fact that this is being done in Delaware means everyone in Delaware who has a business connection to Hunter Biden is at risk for getting drawn in. “The FBI and IRS criminal investigators who do these types of investigations are exceptionally good at what they do.  The combinationContinue reading “Wire Fraud? Racketeering?”