A European Polar Spring Amidst a Solar Minimum

Scotland’s coldest winter in a decade will drag on in what the Weather Outlook calls a three-week “polar spring”. Central UK faces an 85% chance of snow with potential for southernto experience unseasonable lows of -5C (23F).

Central Europe expect a spring burial, with the Alps adding to the 3 meters (10 feet) of snow they’ve already suffered this week. Record-smashing totals will also hit Scandinavia and the Balkans. North Africa is also on fore rare, heavy late-March flurries.

All of this is on top of unusually high snowfall this year in the northern hemisphere – >2 sigma.

Oh, and don’t forget the increased volcanic activity associated with the solar minimum. As reported by the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanisn Program: https://volcano.si.edu/gvp_currenteruptions.cfm#:~:text=Overall%20there%20are%2045%20volcanoes,started%20eruption%20at%20the%20top.

Overall there are 45 volcanoes with continuing eruptions as of the Stop Dates indicated, and as reported through the last data update (28 January 2021), sorted with the most recently started eruption at the top. Information about more recently started eruptions can be found in the Weekly Report.

45 volcanoes compared to the 20 normally erupting.

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