CoVid/CCP Virus Phylogeny: 01/24/2021

This week’s update. Let’s also note the preprint released by Wells et al. regarding the evolutionary history of ACE2 usage. As evident in the Nexstrain phyologeny, CoVid-2/CCP (CoV-2) is a rather stable virus – unlike other zoonotics that have jumped species. Wells examines possible genealogical histories for CoV-2 sequences. They demonstrate the lineage containing CoV-2Continue reading “CoVid/CCP Virus Phylogeny: 01/24/2021”

CoVid Phylogeny Update

CoVid continues to be a remarkably stable genome. Stability is consistent with an anthropogenic intervention and not consistent with a species jump. As reported in Nature (Li et al., 2020), MRP pseudo-sequence supertree analysis firmly disputes bat coronavirus RaTG13 as the last common ancestor of SARS-CoV-2, which was implied by other phylogenetic tree analysis basedContinue reading “CoVid Phylogeny Update”

Covid Strains and Mutations Update

SARS-CoV-2 mutation rate remains low with Strain G still dominate among the six strains circulating and with little variability. In contrast, common influenza variability is at least twice that. The original Wuhan strain (L strain) is recorded at least as far back as December 2019, and subsequently mutated to the S strain in January 2020.Continue reading “Covid Strains and Mutations Update”