If it’s somethin’ weird an’ it don’t look good


If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?
(Ghostbusters!)If it’s somethin’ weird an’ it don’t look good
Who ya gonna call?

With the “Federales” talking up more lockdowns, their Ministry of Truth expanding and formalizing their diktats to their all-too-enthusiastic oligarchical cronies, and the casino face-planting while inflation steps up, it makes you wonder: how are things in the real economy anyway?

Seems to me Industrials (XLI) are one measure of investor sentiment regarding the real economy. And, as is evident, that just rolled over and broke to the downside below the 50-dma. 

If XLI drops a leg down, we should see Materials (XLB) trend as well, right?

I know, Jules and his “Mr 9-mm” can be convincing. But still want me to draw a picture for ya?

We are here to please – “asked and answered”:


Finally, let’s turn to the so-called “tip of the spear” – consumer discretionary – QQQ. After all consumption is well over 2/3s of our economy. And we do want to complete the hat trick.

You know what? Maybe I’ll leave QQQ as an exercise for the kids at home. Check it out for yourself.

As Jules Winfield might say, “If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.”

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