John Tuld: “If you’re first out the door, that’s not called panicking.”

“Margin Call” is a 2011 film that follows the key people at an investment bank, over a 24-hour period, during the early stages of the financial crisis. Written and directed by J.C. Chandor, we learn from the firm’s CEO, “John Tuld” (played by Jeremy Irons) that successfully running a banking business can come down toContinue reading “John Tuld: “If you’re first out the door, that’s not called panicking.””

Manchurian Candidate Update

“With Joe Biden’s ‘irregularity-filled’ election win all but assured (unless the Trump campaign can pull off several upset legal victories), we now turn our attention back to the Biden family’s ties to Russia and China – a narrative which the MSM will attempt to suffocate out of existence – particularly if Republicans (and their investigative committees) loseContinue reading “Manchurian Candidate Update”

A Relation Between Hurricanes and Climate Change? Really?

Frank Bosse is a guy who gets around. Retired Senior Scientist of Molecular Neurobiology at Heinrich-Heine Unversity in Duesseldorf, he’s also a man who knows his statistics. Now, anybody with a bit of stats background might look at the graph above, note the r-statistic along with the limited data stet and scatter, and have moreContinue reading “A Relation Between Hurricanes and Climate Change? Really?”

Get Woke Go Broke

“Last week’s Sunday Night Football Patriots vs. Ravens game – featuring two of the best quarterbacks in the league and arguably the best coach in NFL history – saw its ratings collapse 31% over last year’s Week 10 game.” Progressive “values” bad for business? Sure seems that way.

What is truth?

In the world of social media, the opinions of “fact checkers” with a bachelors degree in journalism trump those of board-certified medical professionals. Such is truth and what happens when it is confronted by a raging mob and ruthless authority. A timeless story. In the Book of John, we see Pontius Pilate as the stateContinue reading “What is truth?”

She Blinded Me With Science

What is “the science?” As a physicist, I was taught it’s what the peer-reviewed literature reports – data, validated models, debates, contexts, constraints, maybes. It’s always taken with skepticism knowing someone is likely to come through the door with a better rationale for a difference point of view. “The science” is a never-ending debate. AnContinue reading “She Blinded Me With Science”

SEC Pursues Plan Requiring Chinese Firms to Use Auditors Overseen by U.S.

Our markets, our rules. “WASHINGTON—Chinese companies with shares traded in America would be required to use auditors overseen by U.S. regulators or face being kicked off exchanges under a plan being drafted by regulators, according to people familiar with the matter. “The proposal, which is likely to be issued for public comment in December, wouldContinue reading “SEC Pursues Plan Requiring Chinese Firms to Use Auditors Overseen by U.S.”

Zombie Apocalypse

With interest rates at subatomic levels, “zombie” companies continue to defy the laws of physics. As discussed in ZH below, “it started in December 2017, when the IMF published a blog discussing the “Walking Debt: China’s Zombies” (a topic we first covered in October 2015 in “More Than Half Of China’s Commodity Companies Can’t PayContinue reading “Zombie Apocalypse”