Z Man on Oligrachy and the Theory of Egalitarian Collectivism

The New Regime
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The nation-state was the recognition that human identity groups were the basis of human organization. A stable country like Great Britain had a common language and history. Identity groups like Welsh and English were sublimated to the British identity. Even so, they had their own cultural spheres that were tolerated and respected by the whole.

Unstable countries like those in the Middle East or Africa were riddled with competing identity groups that had no shared sense of identity. Tribes were often split between two or more countries. Someone in Iraq does not primarily identify as Iraqi. Instead, he is an Arab or a Shiite or one of the many powerful Arab tribes. Lacking those basic necessities of human organization, these countries are inherently unstable.

This is something to keep in mind as the new ruling regime tries to figure out how to keep America from breaking apart. Even with the anointing of Mumbly Joe Biden as president, half the country still hates the other half, and that second half is working up a good hatred for the first half. A big reason for that is the rulers cannot answer any of those important questions that define any human organization.

In fact, they are actively making war on the first question. For close to a generation now they have been denying there is such a thing as American. It is merely a social construct with no fixed meaning. Anyone can be an American. This is the argument for inviting the peasants of the world to settle in your neighborhood. When Axmed Yusuf Qaasim, formerly of Darfur, is as American as Bob Smith from Georgia, “American” no longer has meaning.

On the second question as to who is in charge, we no longer really know who is running things anymore. Corporations with whom you have no business dealings now dictate what you can say in public. Banks can cut people off from the economy without fear of the government. Politicians do things, but nothing the public wants or expects. Someone is pulling their strings, but those people in the overclass are a complete mystery to us.

As far as those rules, customs, and taboos that grease the wheels of human relations, those have been systematically dismantled and replaced with weird new rules. The great and the good say being white is a crime, but the worst crime is noticing that nonwhites commit most of the crime. Not only has morality been turned on its head, but the underlying logic of human relations has been destroyed.

What the new regime inherits is a tinderbox of its own creation. Generations of making war on the basic rules that make human organization possible have led us to civil unrest and a divided, embittered people. They took away that which made it possible for disparate people to coexist. Now they demand that everyone come together and celebrate the people who made it impossible to live a peaceful life.

Daily Babylon Bee

Fauci Spins His Handy ‘Wheel Of Science’ To See What He Should Recommend Today

WASHINGTON, DC—In a development no one saw coming, Dr. Anthony Fauci has again changed his recommendation about what to do with masks by consulting his tested and proven “Wheel of SCIENCE.”

“Now I know it confuses people when the science changes so quickly, as if we are just making all this up as we go along,” explained Dr. Fauci from his bunker full of neckties. “That’s why I developed this handy ‘Wheel of SCIENCE’ for us to spin every morning, so people can really see that this isn’t just me saying whatever pops into my head!”

“Now– let’s give this puppy a spin!” he exclaimed as he gave the wheel a mighty turn.

“What will it be today, gang?” asked a giddy Dr. Fauci. “‘Masks Cause Bladder Cancer?’ ‘Eating Dirt Prevents Halitosis?’ hmmm…” 

The dial slowed, clicking just past “Cover Your Kids With Grocery Bags” and finally came to rest on: “Attach A Live Octopus Directly To Your Face.”

“There it is, folks!  Science has proven that the best way to prevent COVID transmission is to affix a live octopus directly over your mouth, nose, and probably eyes. I’ve been keeping this little guy here for this very moment,” said Dr. Fauci, reaching into an aquarium and plastering the surprised sea creature’s tentacles directly onto his face.

“AAAA!!! AAA!!! THE—mmrghh—INK!! AAA!!!” screamed Dr. Fauci as he thrashed on the floor. The journalists watching on Zoom stared in shock, then went straight to work spreading the news of Dr. Fauci’s latest advice to the masses.

The government media channel dedicated a segment to the updated recommendation, complete with each CNN anchor hand-selecting their own octopus. After some hilarious banter about how bad other people are, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo slapped on their respective octopi and promptly collapsed on the floor into heaps of screams and ink.

Still, being the professional mouthpieces that they are, they managed to garble out, “THIS IS—AGHH!—WORKING PERFECTLY!! DON’T KILL GRANDMA!!!


The Sock Puppet Administration – NOT “The Onion”

This is not a joke though it is pretty funny:

Kamala Harris says the West Virginia coal miners who have lost their jobs because of the policies she and Joe Biden are pushing can be trained to reclaim “abandoned land mines.”

“Job creation around, for example, all of those skilled workers who are in the coal industry and — and — and transferring those skills to what we need to do in terms of, in dealing with, reclaiming abandoned land mines,” she said.

Twitter users speculated Harris might have meant to say “abandoned mine lands” on which reclamation projects are done.

One Twitter user said, “More ridiculous than the gaffe however is the idea of trumpeting creating energy jobs in the Biden administration while his actions so far have been to kill energy jobs.”

Here’s her comment:

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh noted the reaction from Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.Does Kamala Harris have the intelligence to be vice president or president?

“I saw it; I couldn’t believe it,” Manchin said. “No one called me. We’re gonna try to find a bipartisan pathway forward. I think we need to. But we need to work together. That’s not a way of working together, what was done.”

One of Limbaugh’s callers suggested “that she was going to take miners who were out of work and teach them how to reclaim the land in which the mines, the coal mines were being closed.”

“You’re saying that she meant to say “abandoned mine lands,'” Limbaugh said, “and instead she said, ‘abandoned land mines’? Here I’ve been feeling sorry for abandoned land mines.”

Various headlines called Harris “confused,” and a “source” told CNN that the White House had talked to Manchin, although the content of the discussion was concealed.

Harris continued, after her “abandoned land mines” reference: “What we need to do around plugging leaks from oil and gas wells; and, transferring those important skills to the work that has yet to be done that needs to get done.”

The Life Cycle of a Swamp Creature

From American Thinker:

It doesn’t take Nostradamus or Carnac to figure out how the next two years will play out for Wyoming’s lone Congressional representative Liz Cheney. It simply takes a little observation of — and interaction with — the Swamp.  As an outside the beltway sometimes political operative and consultant, I’ve had the unhappiness of working with swamp creatures off and on since the 90s.

Liz’s future is easier for me to predict than yesterday’s weather. The broad strokes are a fait accompli.  I’ve seen it many times.  And while it may seem at first glance that her political career is at a dead end, it is far from it.  Liz will be rich very soon, if she is not already.  And she will do as much damage to the Trump/MAGA/Republican brand as she can in the process. This is how the swamp works. And she appears to be swampier than her father, and much more so than the smartest of the clan, her mother Lynne Cheney.

Now keep in mind, the lone House seat from Wyoming is a powerful seat in that it is one of the very few House seats that is more powerful in a way than the Senators from her state. Wyoming has two Senators, but only one member of Congress.  On a national level, she singularly represents more Wyoming residents than anyone.

And she will run again, knowing that she stands almost no chance in the primary. But she will have money, and she will get more money from the left, and she will use it to scorched earth destroy all those running against her in the primary.  Left wing groups from the outside will plant false flag candidates to dilute her competition, and they will claim falsely to be the Trump choice. Count on it. They will take extreme positions publicly and muddy the waters for the legit candidate carrying the MAGA banner. You heard it here first.

The RNC, of course, will join the actions of the left in trashing her primary opponent or opponents.

She knows, and her swampy left-wing donors will know, that while she will most likely lose, they will attempt to salt the fields for whoever the primary winner is. The primary winner will emerge broke, beaten down, and have a mountain of unflattering lies out in the media, social media and ether to overcome on General Election Day. The Democrat opponent will be handpicked by the DNC specifically to attract Hollywood, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley money. That kind of money will own the media airwaves in an inexpensive media state like Wyoming.

Meanwhile, the RNC will give zero help to that candidate in the General Election; that’s how the swamp rolls.

Now, regardless of whether this scenario can flip Cheney’s current House Seat blue or not, Liz will be rewarded for her efforts by different branches of Swamp, Inc.  First, you can count on a huge lobbying contracts right out of the gate. Maybe several. Seven figures, easy.

And there is no telling what kind of awful legislation she will help engineer in that job. The take for the evil people and evil causes will probably be in the billions. That’s why she’s going to be paid millions.

And in addition to that, the only other question is whether she will end up as a regular paid contributor on MSNBC or CNN. Her job on whichever network hires her, will be the role as “the good Republican.”  You know the type: the David Brooks, Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin Republican – the kind of Republican who hates all real conservatives and legitimate Republicans. This gig will require a few hours per month, and probably pay mid-six figures.

She’ll never return to Wyoming, a state with which she’s barely familiar with to begin with. That is unless she’s a weekend guest at her parents’ place or at one of the Davos-connected left wing billionaire’s Jackson Hole enclave from time to time.

You probably know that the career path I’ve laid out for Cheney is correct, in the broad strokes. The details are yet to be determined of course, but we’ve seen this kind of thing play out many times.

This plays out in the consultant class as well. One quick example that I personally intersected with is Rick Tyler.  Rick was formerly Newt Gingrich’s Chief of Staff when Newt was Speaker of The House. When Newt ran for president starting in 2011, Rick was on his staff. The Newt campaign got off to a dismal start, polling dead last in a field that included Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and even Jon Huntsman. Tyler left the campaign.

Newt, unencumbered by Tyler’s advice, changed strategies and skyrocketed in the polls on the strength of his debate performances. Tyler, meanwhile, landed with a Newt Super PAC funded heavily by Sheldon Adelson called Winning Our Future. Through other channels, I was the coms guy for that PAC, and like most Super PACs, we only met on conference calls from our locations across the country. Adelson’s money paid us all well, and things were going great as Newt routed the field, including Romney, in South Carolina.

My advice was to keep this going, and my press releases stayed on this message. Newt’s campaign was directed only at Obama, and his leftist cohorts in Congress, the media, and judiciary. When Newt is good, he is very, very good. That’s the Georgia Newt.

But there is also the Washington Newt, the “bad” Newt, and that’s the Newt that resonates with Tyler and his ilk. Tyler decided to use Adelson’s cash to purchase the film “The King of Bain,” a lefty trope about Romney’s time at Bain Capital. So, with Newt riding high by bashing Obama, with a rhetorical skill that Romney and Santorum et al could only fantasize about having, Tyler decided to go left of Mitt Romney.  Tyler and I were at each other’s throat on the conference call where he announced this change in strategy. We usually were.

The rest is history. Newt bombed, Mitt won the nomination, and we know how that turned out in 2012 and we know how it’s still biting on our collective rear ends today.

And Tyler? He’s one of the “good Republicans” on MSNBC. He’s now full-fledged Washingtonian. I don’t know where he’s from. It doesn’t matter, just as Wyoming no longer matters to Liz Cheney.  This is how Swamp, Inc. rolls. Whether it’s headquarters in DC, or a branch in NYC or San Francisco or a state capitol, failing up like this is how all leftist Democrats, and the “good Republicans,” get rich.

Meanwhile, those of us rubes out in flyover country, we get bent over. And you know I’m right.




Open The Books:

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. disclosed that it has received $269.4 million in federal funding since 2016 – including $42 million in grants and last year’s $25 million coronavirus earmark that was mostly used for payroll.

Even during the 2020 pandemic, the Center grew their net assets by $3.3 million to $505 million. Since 2016, our auditors at OpenTheBooks.com found a $114.4 million increase in net assets – from $390.6 million.

During this five-year period, their president, Deborah Rutter, received pay and benefits amounting to $5.1 million. Peak earning years were 2018 and 2019 when she was paid $1.3 million annually. During the 2020 pandemic year, she cut her pay to $507,375, which is still more than the U.S. President makes at $400,000.



In today’s WSJ Op-Ed, Ryan T. Anderson lays out the Resistance to Federal oppression:

President Biden’s pledge to heal and unify seems to mean giving the far left everything it demands in the culture wars. Conservatives therefore must resist. Yet in doing so we must avoid the trap of framing every debate as if it were about religious liberty.

Religious liberty is important, but it’s only part of the story. As the Biden administration advances a divisive and extreme social agenda, our response can’t simply be a polite request to be left alone. We need to oppose the left’s agenda on the merits. It’s the principled thing to do, and it will be good politics given where the American people actually are on the issues.

The left would love to frame these issues as if they pitted reason and science against superstition. But on all of these issues social conservatives are on the side of the biological facts. The Democratic Party and the left are the science deniers. To be sure, Christians believe the historic religious teachings on these issues are anything but superstitious: The scientific point of view confirms the biblical teaching that humans are created male and female. It requires no faith to know that a boy who “identifies” as a girl isn’t one and shouldn’t be allowed into private female spaces.

Likewise, although Christians believe all people are made in God’s image, it requires no faith to see that an unborn child is a child. Even atheists post ultrasound images of their kids. When they shoot off pink confetti for the gender reveal, they reveal that they know biological sex isn’t “assigned at birth.” It’s time to make the left follow the science. Conservatives shouldn’t frame these as sectarian religious issues, litigating them purely in terms of religious liberty.


Variability as Climate Change Driver

Per Roy Spencer:

Significantly, extrapolating to zero population density would give essentially no warming in the United States during 1973-2011. As we shall see (below) official temperature datasets say this period had a substantial warming trend, consistent with the warming in the highest population density locations.

How can one explain this result other than, at least for the period 1973-2011, (1) spurious warming occurred at the higher population density stations, and (2) the evidence supports essentially no warming if there were no people (zero population density) to modify the microclimate around thermometer sites?

I am not claiming there has been no global warming (whatever the cause). I am claiming that there is evidence of spurious warming in thermometer data which must be removed.


The M2 Is All You Need to Know

Alistair Lacleod:

From last March until today, we can see a total of $8 trillion worth of QE (money printing) required to pay for all the programs, and that includes Biden’s $1.9 trillion, which I know has not been authorized—yet.  The figures are enormous.  There is absolutely no way that the dollar can hold its value with that level of money printing.  That’s just to deal with Covid.  Biden also wants to finance green spending . . . . How much more spending on top of that goodness only knows.  The thing is a mess, and it’s not just America.  When I look at Europe . . . they are incompetent . . . and when you get an incompetent government like that, forget it.  The Eurozone banks are on the verge of bankruptcy, I mean beyond insolvency.  They are on the verge of bankruptcy.  How do you handle a situation like that when you’ve got an incompetent bunch of bureaucrats at the top?  This is going to happen, and I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet.


A Case for the China Virus (aka SARS-CoV-2) as a Lab Artifact

From the press release:

“The purpose of the analysis was to determine the origin of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Beginning with a likelihood of 98.2% that it was a zoonotic jump from nature with only a 1.2% probability it was a laboratory escape, twenty-six different, independent facts and evidence were examined systematically. The final conclusion is that it is a 99.8% probability SARS-CoV-2 came from a laboratory and only a 0.2% likelihood it came from nature.”


Quay MD PhD, Steven Carl. (2021). A Bayesian analysis concludes beyond a reasonable doubt that SARS-CoV-2 is not a natural zoonosis but instead is laboratory derived (Version 2). http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.447708

MarketWatch Summary: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/new-study-by-dr-steven-quay-concludes-that-sars-cov-2-came-from-a-laboratory-2021-01-29

High Prices and Low Supply

A house's real estate for sale sign shows the home as being "Under Contract" in Washington, DC, November 19, 2020.

This is the 4th straight monthly decline, while contract signings are still up 22.8% from a year earlier on an unadjusted basis.

By region, pending home sales declined 3.6% in the Midwest, the fourth straight decrease. In the largest U.S. region — the South — contract signings edged up 0.1%. Pending sales were unchanged in the West and rose in the Northeast.