What Risk?

Chris Hamilton (Econimica.com) is known for his insightful statistical analysis of the economy. And, last week, Chris did a great job poking through the CoV data in response to Oregon’s lockdown order. But, first, the order. Last week State Potentate Kate Brown issued the following statement:  “As we near 100,000 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon,Continue reading “What Risk?”

The Myth of Asymptomatic Spread

Here’s “The Science”: “The screening of the 9,865,404 participants without a history of COVID-19 found no newly confirmed COVID-19 cases, and identified 300 asymptomatic positive cases with a detection rate of 0.303 (95% CI 0.270–0.339)/10,000. The median age-stratified Ct-values of the asymptomatic cases were shown in Supplementary Table 1. Of the 300 asymptomatic positive cases,Continue reading “The Myth of Asymptomatic Spread”

Vitamin D and Covid

In a comment reported in The Lancet, Adrian R Martineau and Nita G Forouhi observe: “The striking overlap between risk factors for severe COVID-19 and vitamin D deficiency, including obesity, older age, and Black or Asian ethnic origin, has led some researchers to hypothesise that vitamin D supplementation could hold promise as a preventive orContinue reading “Vitamin D and Covid”

Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Results

“When data from the various dosing regimens were combined, the study found that the vaccine was 70% effective at preventing symptomatic coronavirus infections. The standard regimen — two doses of the same strength administered a month apart — had an efficacy of 62%, whereas the regimen with a lower initial dose yielded an efficacy ofContinue reading “Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Results”

Covid Strains and Mutations Update

SARS-CoV-2 mutation rate remains low with Strain G still dominate among the six strains circulating and with little variability. In contrast, common influenza variability is at least twice that. The original Wuhan strain (L strain) is recorded at least as far back as December 2019, and subsequently mutated to the S strain in January 2020.Continue reading “Covid Strains and Mutations Update”