Tears in the Rain: Voices From Wuhan

Prometheus Shrugged: https://prometheusshrugged.substack.com/p/tears-in-rain-vol-i-voices-from-wuhan Tears in Rain, Vol I: Voices from Wuhan [updated] Many of those who tried to warn us of COVID-19 have disappeared; their words are all that’s left. To honor them, the world must listen. Charles Rixey, MA, MBA (c)4 hr ago Subscribe [it’s free!] to get full access to the newsletter and website.Continue reading “Tears in the Rain: Voices From Wuhan”

Discounting the Future

Steve Goldstein on living in the moment – literally: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/interest-rates-havent-been-this-low-in-5-000-years-11627644496?mod=home-page Interest rates haven’t been this low in 5,000 years How is this for a historical comparison — interest rates are at a 5,000-year low. That’s a finding in the latest Bank of America flow show report, which, in fairness, is a number that’s been trottedContinue reading “Discounting the Future”

Reverse Repo Madness

Is this the work of a serious artist? And here’s Tyler showing you what’s ahead: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/25-trillion-reverse-repo-year-end RRP volume is quickly approaching $1 trillion a day, with today’s reverse repo usage hitting the second highest on record at $987.3 billion and just shy of $1 trillion. And with QE still running at $120 billion a month,Continue reading “Reverse Repo Madness”

Creating the Ukrainian Slush Fund in the Nordstream-2 Deal on Behalf of the American Political Class and Their Cronies

$175 million “seed money” for a $1 billion fund for “Green Energy” (hilarious). And where does the $1 billion come from? Care to guess? Ви вмієте говорити українською? Якщо ви можете, тоді ви знаєте, хто буде платити. https://odysee.com/@theduran:e/merkel-makes-germany-look-weak.-sets-up:f Hunter Biden – drop the art deals and call your office STAT!

America Has Lost the Trade War with China, and the Real Pain Has Yet to Begin

Charles Hugh Smith: https://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2021/07/america-has-lost-trade-war-with-china.html Corporate America sacrificed national interests in service of greed, and so did the U.S. government. As we all know, the source of Corporate America’s unprecedented explosion in profits in the 21st century is the offshoring of manufacturing to China. If you doubt this, please study the chart below of corporate profits. ApologistsContinue reading “America Has Lost the Trade War with China, and the Real Pain Has Yet to Begin”

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Satires of Juvenal By Charles Rixey, Prometheus Shrugged: https://prometheusshrugged.substack.com/p/who-watches-the-watchmen-faucis-noble Who Watches the Watchmen? – Fauci’s ‘noble lie,’ exposed *Note — This article details current historical research into COVID-19’s origins, as part of the D.R.A.S.T.I.C. team of scientists, journalists & researchers. Recent news: D.R.A.S.T.I.C.’s research forms a large portion of the basis for investigations begun by the US Senate, House & National Institutes of Health.Continue reading “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

Alex – Gone So Soon?

Some might call this Alex-pic a mugshot. After all, she’s with Paul Weiss et al. and represents the mega-banks, natural allies of the Democrat Party. Paul Weiss also doubles as the “muscle” for said Democrat Party. And Alex has predigree progressive creds: J.D., Yale Law School (1993), B.A., Williams College (1990) for starters – thatContinue reading “Alex – Gone So Soon?”

Banana Republic – Literally

The Personal Current Transfer Receipts (PCTR) report summarizes government social benefits and net current transfer receipts from business (unemployment). Simply put, it’s government welfare. And that welfare is behind the record surge in personal income in March when China Joe, the Sock Puppet “president,” distributed $1.9 trillion in “stimulus checks”. March PCTR payments ballooned toContinue reading “Banana Republic – Literally”

Crimea 2.0

“Forward, the Light Brigade!”Was there a man dismayed?Not though the soldier knew   Someone had blundered.   Theirs not to make reply,   Theirs not to reason why,   Theirs but to do and die.   Into the valley of Death   Rode the six hundred. Immortalized by Tennyson in his 1854 poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” published in The Examiner, praising the brigade (“When canContinue reading “Crimea 2.0”

The Red Ponzi Outlines Its Expectations from China Joe, the Oligarch Sock Puppet — Or Else [Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Tom Dorsey, …]

And Blinken blinks From Epoch Times: Beijing Hints at What It Wants of US-China Relationship Through State Media BY NICOLE HAO February 9, 2021 Updated: February 9, 2021 Chinese state-run media Xinhua published a series of four commentaries in which it called on the new U.S. administration to “lead the U.S.-China relationship back on track” after years ofContinue reading “The Red Ponzi Outlines Its Expectations from China Joe, the Oligarch Sock Puppet — Or Else [Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Tom Dorsey, …]”