Black Monday: October 19, 1987

Nothing was ever the same after that day. From here, the Fed beginning a 34 year long suppression of interest rates at a level never seen before. Global Macro Monitor tells the tale: The following exchange took place between President Reagan and reporters after the market close on Black Monday, October 19, 1987.  LeavingContinue reading “Black Monday: October 19, 1987”

Discounting the Future

Steve Goldstein on living in the moment – literally: Interest rates haven’t been this low in 5,000 years How is this for a historical comparison — interest rates are at a 5,000-year low. That’s a finding in the latest Bank of America flow show report, which, in fairness, is a number that’s been trottedContinue reading “Discounting the Future”

Peak Powell?

Yesterday, Powell committed to his personal “full employment” plan by signing onto to the Sock Puppet’s Regime’s inflation program, locking in his renomination as Chairman of the monetary politburo (see Translation – no tapering anytime in the next 5 years. In lockstep with the Wizard of Oz’s decision, the NYFed executed a celebratory marketContinue reading “Peak Powell?”

The First Shall Be First, the Last Shall Be Last

OK, that title was not exactly the Sermon on the Mount. But it is Matthew – seriously. As much as the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew is also known for the “Matthew Effect” The Matthew Effect of Accumulated Advantage is sometimes summarized by the adage “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer“. The concept is applicableContinue reading “The First Shall Be First, the Last Shall Be Last”

Monetary Politburo News

The “Martens” at Wall Street on Parade weighed in today on the dynamics of endless money creation: The practical dynamics. As in “where all this sh___ goes” dynamics. Recall we have a monetary politburo for all sorts of reasons you likely heard before – bankers want to offload their liquidity risk onto the public,Continue reading “Monetary Politburo News”

Wedges Broke to the Downside

Can’t say I didn’t say “heads up”. I mean, that was a Triple-7 climbing out and they do tend to drop things. Well, Tim Knight was kind enough to observe the Plunge Protection Team in the Monetary Politburo stepped in with still more debt/inflation for American households to prop up the Money Class. But let’sContinue reading “Wedges Broke to the Downside”

The Hard Realities of Population Dynamics and Accelerating Debt

Chris Hamilton’s Econimica blog remains one of my favorites. In his latest posting, Chris’s punchline remains on-point and entertaining Some say these are the seeds of the second American revolution as a class of unelected, undemocratic central bankers enrich a tiny majority at the expense of the majority…but I just like making colorful charts. IContinue reading “The Hard Realities of Population Dynamics and Accelerating Debt”

Limits to Growth and Freefallen Population

Chris Hamilton (Econimica) explains the “free-fallen” reality of depopulation dynamics: My points of emphasis in bold. Global Depopulation – Two paths, One Destination Play along with me while we consider the ultimate barometers of economic wellbeing that are fertility rates and births across the developed world, China, and the RoW (rest of the world). Continue reading “Limits to Growth and Freefallen Population”

Centrally Planned Shock and Awe

Per Sven Henrich: Sharing is caring and in this spirit I wanted to share some technical insights into this week’s market bounce following the aggressive flush down last week. As of late I’ve been hearing more and more people throw their hands up in the air and declare that technicals no longer work inContinue reading “Centrally Planned Shock and Awe”

Inflation News

Your money is worth less by the amount the Fed expected. Per ZeroHedge: The final print actually matched expectations, rising 0.4% MoM (vs +0.2% MoM in November) pushingthe YoY print for the headline CPI up to +1.4%. This is the seventh straight rise in consumer prices. But, when you get into the details, it’s lookingContinue reading “Inflation News”