Enjoy Oligarchy

“ “Step one, help yourself to tasty assets from the public trough. Step two, figure out how to keep them. “The best investment in Ukrainian history may be about to become even better—Burisma’s recruiting of Hunter Biden to its board. After a government minister allegedly awards himself lucrative gas rights, the Ukrainian people overthrow aContinue reading “Enjoy Oligarchy”

Dynamical Landscape and Multistability of the Earth’s Climate

Georgios Margazoglou, Tobias Grafke, Alessandro Laio, Valerio Lucarini Abstract: We apply two independent data analysis methodologies to locate stable climate states in an intermediate complexity climate model. First, drawing from the theory of quasipotentials, and viewing the state space as an energy landscape with valleys and mountain ridges, we infer the relative likelihood of theContinue reading “Dynamical Landscape and Multistability of the Earth’s Climate”